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-Brisker Electric Cracker & Chip Crisper
-Operating Instructions

Brisker Electric Crisper

The Unique Electric Brisker

The Brisker is a food storage appliance that is especially useful in humid environments, like busy kitchens, and shore kitchens.

What does it do?
It keeps foods like crackers, chips, nuts, cereal and cookies crisp. It's not for bread (unless you want to keep your bread crisp).

How does it work?
An energy-efficient, low-wattage electric heater is completely encased in the insulated aluminum Brisker floor. Aluminum is a superior conductor of heat and the low-wattage heater maintains the floor at approximately 120°F. (Slightly cooler than a drinkable cup of coffee.)
The heated floor causes the air inside the Brisker to remain in the high 90's, maintaining a dryer environment.

The shiny housing and door are made of mirror-finish stainless steel. The bottom is made of aluminum. The ends are made of a heavy plastic.

Brisker, Cracker & Chip Electric Crisper

Brisker Elite electric crisper
Brisker Elite
Electric Crisper

18-3/4" wide,
11" high, 11" deep,
Brushed stainless steel exterior,
High impact polymer endcaps,
Premium handle,
Underwriter Laboratories ListedUL Listed 120 Volts, 60 Hertz, 20 Watts,
2 year limited warranty,
Made in USAMade in USA

Click for PDF document Download Operating Instructions

Brisker Electric Crisper


Before you plug in your Brisker, please read the following.
Also remember to send in the warranty card,
and attach your sales receipt to your instructions for safekeeping.

A small part of the steel door and all of the housing are usually covered with a thin, clear plastic coating to protect the mirror finish until it reaches you. Just lift up the coating at a corner and peel it off. After peeling away the coating, a light film of the coating adhesive may remain on the metal surface. This is easily removed. See #7 - How to Clean Your Brisker.

Be sure to remove the coating before you operate your brisker, as the heat inside the Brisker will cause the coating to dry out and become difficult to remove.


Put your Brisker on a level surface in your kitchen, pantry or even laundry room. If the door appears to be crooked, the surface is not level.

Do Not put it in the following locations:
- Next to your range - when your range is "on", the high heat will damage the end caps.
- Directly over your washer, dryer or fridge - the heat from these appliances may be excessive.
- Directly under an air conditioning or heat vent, or in direct unfiltered sunlight - the brisker may become inefficient.
- Out of doors or anywhere it could get wet - it's electric.
- Inside of a poorly ventilated cabinet or closet.


An energy-efficient, low-wattage electric heater is completely encased in the insulated aluminum Brisker floor. Aluminum is a superior conductor of heat and the low-wattage heater (which uses barely more electricity than alarm clocks) maintains the floor at approximately 120°F. This is slightly cooler than a drinkable cup of coffee.

The heated floor causes the air inside the Brisker to remain in the high 90's, thus removing humidity. If you put your finger on the floor, it will feel warmer to you than 120°F. The reason is that aluminum is such an efficient conductor of heat, it feels warmer than it really is.


Almost any DRY food that you want to stay fresh, crisp, crunchy and humidity free - cereal, chips, crackers, croutons, nuts, popcorn, pretzels, etc. Leave the food box or bag open (not closed) so the warm air can get inside and do its job. Many owners remove the bag from the box. Some snacks that have a high oil content or very strong flavor may change flavor or transfer their flavor if left in the Brisker for an extended period of time. DO NOT put cereal that contains raisins or fruit chunks in the Brisker. They will become hard as a rock.


The Brisker is NOT A BREAD BOX! Soft, moist bread, rolls, cake, etc., will become dry and crunchy. Your Brisker is also not a warming oven. Its low-wattage heat was designed to eliminate humidity, not to warm food.


Always locate smaller boxes or bags vertically (not horizontally) so that the warm air from the floor can flow up between them. Put larger boxes horizontally on top of the smaller ones. Do Not put a large box horizontally on the brisker floor, as it will block the heat flow.


The shiny housing and door are made of mirror-finish stainless steel. The floor is made of aluminum. Window glass cleaners usually work quite well inside and out for routine cleaning.

Never immerse your Brisker in water or wash it with a wet cloth. Always unplug and allow it to cool before cleaning inside. (See UL Important Safeguards, below.) Never coat the inside with any type of polish, as a residue may remain and react adversely when heated.


The Brisker door is hinged at the bottom and is held tightly closed by a magnetic strip located inside the top of the door. Air slots along the door sides provide adequate ventilation.

To easily open the door with one hand, do the following: Place your fingers under the door handle and pull toward you. At the same time, press with your thumb against the Brisker housing just above the door. This allows you to easily overcome the magnet's locking strength.


If you do not use your Brisker all year, be sure to store it in a dry (not damp or humid) location.


If you have a question, or need service, please call 513-871-5475. Service should only be done by the manufacturer.


There are no switches or thermostats to adjust. After your plug in your Brisker, the floor will warm in about 15 minutes.

Brisker Electric Crisper



Brisker Products (manufacturer) warrants each product of its manufacture to be free from defects in material and workmanship if properly operated according to manufacturer's Operating Instructions.

Manufacturer's obligations under this warranty is limited to correcting, without charge for labor or material at its factory, any Brisker which is returned to its factory, transportation charge prepaid, within two years from the date of original purchase, examination of which discloses to the manufacturer's satisfaction that the Brisker is defective. Proof of date of purchase is considered to be the burden of the consumer and such proof must be presented when applying for Warranty Service.

This warranty does not apply to any Brisker, component, or part thereof which must be replaced because of shipping damage, normal wear and tear, which has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, or which has been repaired or altered outside of the manufacturer's factory, or which contains parts not manufactured or supplied by the manufacturer. Manufacturer is not liable for any loss, damages (including consequential damages) or expense caused from or related in any way to the use of its products or from any other cause. This warranty supersedes and is given in lieu of all other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. No person or entity is authorized to give or alter any warranties on behalf of the manufacturer. Manufacturer reserves the right to make design and/or operational changes in its products or parts thereof without obligation to incorporate these changes in products previously produced.

Manufacturer will not accept the return of Brisker Crispers for any purpose other than warranty or non-warranty repair. If you have a question, call 513-871-5475.
Brisker Products, 4620 Burley Hills, Cincinnati, OH 45243



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