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-Nesco Coffee Roaster
-Aroma Coffee Roaster Instructions
-Oven & Stovetop Coffee Roasting

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Coffee Roasters

Green, or unroasted, coffee beans must be roasted before they are ground to make the coffee beverage. In their unroasted form, coffee beans are smaller and heavier than roasted beans, and they are extremely hard. (See our selection of Green Coffee)

Roasting your own coffee beans means taking control of the flavor that comes out of them. Roast lightly for delicate results, dark for the full taste enjoyed in espresso, or anywhere in between.

Coffee roasting is the art of applying an even heat to green beans, to break down carbohydrates and fats that produce the oils necessary for creating flavor and aroma.

Green, or unroasted, coffee beans last for years, when stored in a dry, place. Experiment with different roasts, blends, flavorings, and different brewing systems, for that perfect cup that will please your palate.

Different coffees roast differently, so it is usually best to roast one type of coffee at a time until you gain enough experience to blend before roasting.

Allow roasted beans to rest about six hours before grinding, to bring out their full flavor.

Store roasted coffee in an airtight container. Oils are volatile, so the less air in the container, the fresher the beans will remain. Use roasted coffee within a couple weeks for maximum flavor.


Nesco coffee bean roaster Nesco Pro Series Coffee Bean Roaster

Roasts up to 1/3 Lb of beans in 20-30 minutes,
Catalytic technology significantly reduces smoke and odor,
Auger circulates beans in roasting chamber,
Removable laboratory-grade glass roasting chamber,
Removable chaff collector,
Hinged top lid,
Preset digital controls,
12.8 x 8.7" base,
11.75" high,
120v, 60hz, 800 watts,
1 year limited warranty,
Made in USAMade in USA
Click for PDF Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster User Manual


The Aroma Pot Stovetop Coffee Roaster Aroma Pot Stovetop Coffee Roasting Set

Currently unavailable
½ lb. roasting capacity,
8" diameter,
5-1/2" diameter bottom,
8-1/2" long handle,
2" deep,
6" high to top of handle,
Encased diffuser base,
Stainless steel with plastic knob,
Comes with 2 stainless steel strainers for removing chaff and cooling roasted coffee beans
Made in China
(See use and care instructions below)


Using the Aroma Pot Coffee Roasting Set

Detail of The Aroma Pot  Open Flap detail of The Aroma Pot  The Aroma Pot Stovetop Coffee Roaster
½ lb. roasting capacity,
8" diameter,
6" to top of rotary handle,
8½" long handle,
Top opening flap,
Heavy clad diffuser base,
2 strainers for cooling & chaff removal

- Turn on the exhaust fan.
- Turn gas or electric burner to high and place empty roaster on the burner until the roaster starts smoking (indicating old oils are removed).
- Adjust burner to 3/4 heat.
- Use a mitt or pot holder to open the flap, and to handle the pot from here on.
- Insert 1/2 lb of unroasted coffee into the roaster, using a heatproof measuring cup.
- Close the flap and crank the handle 6 turns clockwise and 6 turns counterclockwise at a medium pace.
- Slowly flip roaster 3 times upwards, as if you were flipping pancakes.
- Crank again and flip again as above, until the roasting is complete, keeping the beans in motion so they will roast evenly and not scorch.
- Note: If the beans seem to catch under the blades as you crank the handle, don't force the handle, just shake or flip to loosen the beans.

- Never leave the roaster unattended on the burner.
- After 3 minutes, start inspecting the color of beans by briefly opening the flap (remember the mitt or potholder). Close the flap quickly to prevent loss of heat.
- After about 6 minutes, you will notice the beans turning a light yellow and steam rising with a grassy/burlap smell.
- As the beans grow darker, you will notice the smoke turning darker, and will begin to smell the more familiar roasted coffee flavor.
- You will soon hear a popping and cracking noise, and notice a pungent smoke rising from the roaster, indicating that pyrolysis (chemical change) has started.
- The familiar roasted coffee smell will become stronger and more pleasant as you continue the roasting until the proper color is attained.
- Shut off the heat source when the beans are a bit lighter than you desire, as they will continue roasting until they cool. (Beans can burn inside the roaster if left on the heat until they blacken.)

- Unload the beans from the roaster into one of the two metal screen colanders.
- Pour beans from one colander to another to promote cooling.
- The chaff (parchment-like skin of the bean) will usually float away or fall through the holes in the colander.
- You can promote quicker cooling by aiming a fan at the coffee as you pour it from one colander to the other. You can also have a second person briefly spray a light mist of cool water on the beans as you pour from one colander to the other.

- Allow freshly roasted coffee to rest for 5 to 7 hours before grinding. Enjoy!

It is not normally necessary to wash the roaster after every use. Depending on frequency of roasting, you might wash with very hot water after every dozen or so uses to prevent the coffee oils from building up.


Green Coffee Roasting Guide

Oven Roasting

A cast iron fry pan can be used to roast green beans in a regular or convection oven.

- Pre-heat the oven to 525° F. (Lower the temperature if a convection oven.)
- Place beans in the pan in one layer, so that all the beans touch the bottom.
- Check the beans occasionally for the desired color.
- The beans should be roasted in less than 15 minutes if your oven temperature is correct. It may take less time in a convection oven.
- Once done, remove immediately, place in a colander and shake to remove the chaff.
- Leave them for 5-7 hours before grinding and brewing.

Stovetop Roasting

A metal popcorn popper works well for roasting on the stove.

- Turn on the exhaust fan on your stove hood, or open the window or door.
- Pre-heat the pan on a medium setting; ideally it should be between 450°F and 500°F.
- Add about a half pound of green beans.
- Stir almost constantly, and at least every half minute.
- The beans will begin to color at around 5 minutes.
- Check frequently for desired color.
- Once done, remove immediately, place in a colander and shake to remove the chaff.
- Leave them for 5-7 hours before grinding and brewing.

Hand cranked popcorn maker Popcorn Popper a/k/a stovetop coffee roaster.
See The Aroma Pot, below, for more complete instructions on stovetop roasting.

Kenneth Davids' Coffee Roasts:
Darkeness, Names Taste

(Preview Kenneth Davids' book Home Coffee Roasting on Google Book Search)

Medium or American Roast: Traditional American roast, medium brown color, dry surface.
Viennese or Full City Roast: Norm for the Western states and for Italian style espresso, dry to tiny droplets or patches of oil.
French or Espresso Roast: Norm for most American espresso, shiny surface.
Italian or Dark French Roast: Not the norm, very shiny surface.



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