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Links to Food & Other Kitchen Info

Links on this page are provided to help you better enjoy the cooking utensils you purchase from us.

The web sites were chosen because they were primarily informational in nature, or have content that we deem useful to our customers in the context of the kitchen. Needless to say, links and content change often, so always take normal precautions when visiting unfamiliar websites.


AIWF - The American Institute of Wine and Food
Allergies - National Institute on Allergies
Allergies and Food Intolerances - Includes a symptoms matrix
Almonds - Almond Marketing Board of California
Aluminum Assn - Trade association
American Assn of Candy Technologists - Industry resource
American Association of Meat Processors - A trade association
American Beverage Institute - Coalition of restaurants and retailers committed to the responsible serving of adult beverages
American Botanical Council - Educating the public on the use of Herbs and Phytomedicinals
American Brush Mfrs Assn - Trade association
American Culinary Federation - Oldest and largest organization of chefs and cooks in the United States
American Edged Products Mfrs Assn - Trade association
American Heart Association - Healthy dietary lifestyle
American Institute of Baking - Technology transfer center for bakers and food processors. Courses. Hire a grad
American Meat Institute Foundation - Info, guidelines from the packers and processors
American Plastics Council - Industry Association
American School Food Service Assn - The voice of child nutrition
American Iron & Steel Institute - All about this metal
Antique Mixers - From
Apple Guide - From U.S. Apple Assn
Apple Growing Tips - From
Apples - Apple Product Research & Education Council
Apples - From Michigan
Apples - From New England
Apples - From New York
Apples - From Virginia
Apples - From Washington
Apples - From Wisconsin
Appliance parts - From A-1 Appliance
Appliance parts - From Cuisine Parts & Service Co.
Appliance parts - From Gourmet Depot
Appliance parts & repairs -
Appliance parts & repairs - Helpful repairs suggestions
Appliance parts & repairs -
Appliance Repair Network - Manuals for do-it-yourself and guides on costs for service
Appliance Thermometers - USDA guide
Ashton, John - By Jove
Assn of Home Appliance Manufacturers - Industry Association
Aspartame - Check the site map for info
Avocados - California Avocado Commission recipes & nutritional info

Bakers - The American Bakers Assn promotes public policy based on sound science and in the best interest of the industry
Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Association - For the trade
Baking - Industry resources from the American Society of Bakery Engineers
Baking Soda - The amazing baking soda, at Arm&Hammer
Balsamic Vinegar - Some info from our pages
Bananas - Info from the Australian Banana Growers' Council
Bananas - Info from Chiquita
Barbecue - Everything you ever wanted to know
Barbecue - Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association
Barbecue - The BBQ Pit with BarBeQue Man
Barbecue & Grilling - From
Barbecue Grill Buying Guide - From
Barley - American Malting Barley Association
Bastianich, Lidia - Lidia's Italy
Battery Guide - Helpful guide & links from Michael Bluejay
Battery Guide - From
Battery Recycling - Search for a local drop-off center
Bayless, Rick - Frontera Kitchens
Beef - Mooore on meat from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Beer - The irreverent page of a fun beer site
Beer Institute - Beer almanacs
Beranbaum, Rose Levy - Baking magic
Better Business Bureau - Central US & Canada web server
Biker Billy - It's hot!
Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers Association - Training for professionals
Bison - Fewer calories, fat and cholesterol than beef or chicken; from the Nat'l Bison Assn
Blonz Guide to Foodsafety, Nutrition & Health - Lots of links to nutrition, food and health news
Books - For culinary professionals
Bottled Water Web - Water facts
Boulud, Daniel - Les Saveurs
Bread Bakers Guild of America - The pros have lots of tips
Brewers - Check out the Bulletin board of American Society of Brewing Chemists
Brewers - Courses from Master Brewers Assn of the Americas
Brill, Steve "Wildman" - Wild food
Brody, Lora - Noted author
Brown, Alton - From the Food Network
Butter - How to buy

Cafe` de Colombia - The site that Juan Valdez built
Caffeine - From How Stuff Works
Caffeine - From the Vaults of Erowid
Caggiano, Biba - Her restaurant and more
Cake Decorating - How-to videos
Calculators - Cook's measures, recipes conversions, menu analysis and more
California Fig Advisory Board - Fresh, candied...
Calorie Control Council - Calorie calculators and advice
Candy - History, trivia and stuff from Twisted Candies
Candy - National Confectioners Association
Canned Foods - Everything you wanted to know
Canning - And other food preservation info from Penn State
Canning Guide - From the USDA
Careers through Culinary Arts Programs (C-CAP) - Giving inner city kids a chance to succeed
Cast Iron Cleaning - From David Smith, The Pan Man
Catfish Institute - Recipes and facts
Caviar - All about
Centers for Desease Control & Prevention - Promoting health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability
Cheese - Useful information about cheese from American Cheese Society
Cheese - How to buy
The Cherry Marketing Institute - The cherry people
Cherries - The National Cherry Federation presents frozen, canned, recipes and more
Chestnuts - Chestnut links by J. Hill Craddock, of the U of Tennessee
Chiarello, Michael - Napa Style
Chicken - Valuable nuggets from National Chicken Council
Chicken Show - Egg stuff from Nebraska
Child, Julia - Resources from the Smithsonian!
Children's Nutrition Research Center - Defines nutrient needs of healthy children, from conception through adolescence, and pregnant and nursing women
Chile Pepper Institute - Reputable archive
Chili - The International Chili Society will make you a Chilihead
Chili - Great info, lots of links
Chinese - Food and culture from Ian Fenn
Chitarra - How to make your own pasta guitar.
Chocolate Manufacturers Association of the USA - Recipes, trivia, history, etc
Chocolate - Baking hints from Hershey's
Chocolate - Reviews
Chocolate Tempering - From Jacques Torres
Chocomania - From Lindt
Cholesterol - Info from
Choy, Sam - Hawaiian Heritage
Classes in Tuscany - Organics with Riccardo and Shilpa
Cocoa - International Cocoa Organization
Cocoa - World Cocoa Foundation
Coffee - Reliable info from Specialty Coffee Assn of America
Coffee - Great info and how-to's from
Coffee - Articles and faq's from
Coffee Buying Guide - From Coffee Review
Coffee Ceremony in Ethiopia - Explained at
Coffee Fest - For the Specialty Coffee and Gourmet Tea Industries
Coffee Kids - The coffee industry helping the poor in producing nations
Coffee Links - Extensive list from HV's Pages
National Coffee Association - One of America's oldest trade associations
Coleman, Jim - Flavors of America
Color Marketing Group - Industry Association
Conversion Tables - Volume to weight of ingredients
Conversion Tables & Calculators - Our page
Cookbooks - Books for cooks
Cookbooks - Reviews from Cookbooks We Love
Cookware Manufacturers Assn - Industry Association
Corian - DuPont's versatile countertops
Corn - Visit the corn faq-tory at National Corn Growers Assn
Cranberries - US cranberries
Cranberries - Cranberry Institute
Creole and Cajun - Ingredients - A chef networking extravaganza
Culinary Institute of America - Interactive website for children
Culinary Portal - A chef's practical guide to just about everything
Culinary Schools - Guide to education and careers in culinary arts
Culinary Schools - see Schools

Dairy Products - How to buy
Dairy - The American Dairy Science Assn comprises educators, scientists and industrialists who are committed to advancing the dairy industry
Darjeeling Tea - Info from India's Thunderbolt Tea
Dave's Gourmet - Hot recipes
Defrosting safely - USDA
Diabetes - Tips from the American Diabetes Assn
Dictionaries - Look up recipe terms and anything else useful or not
Diet - Find a dietician, nutrition resources and more at the American Dietetic Assn
Disgusting Foods - One person's list
Dole - From field to fridge
Dressings & Sauces - Fun and info on salad dressing, mayonnaise, mustard and other condiment sauces from Assn for Dressings & Sauces
Dr. Koop's Community - Food and health do go well together
Duck and Goose - Facts from the USDA
Dupree, Nathalie - What a great resource of information
Dutch Oven Society, Int'l - All about Dutch ovens and their use
Dutch Ovens - Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking Page

Egg Coddlers - Collector items and recipes
Eggs - From the American Egg Board
Eggs - How to buy
Egg Facts - From Canadaegg
Electrocoating - The Electrocoat Assn
Electronic Retailing Assn - Industry Association
Emu - Ratite info from the American Emu Association
English-American Recipe Translator - Very helpful with old English recipes
Epicurious - Look for the ultimate in food dictionaries
Erhardt, Tell - Recipes, show clips, and more
Esposito, Mary Ann - Authentic Italian cooking just like our mom's
Espresso - Great info and how-to's from
Experimental Cuisine Collective - Food research

Farmers Markets - USDA search page for local markets
FDA - FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Fight BAC! - Partnership for food safety education
Fish - FDA Regulatory species encyclopedia
Flatware Replacements - From the Sterling Shop
Flay, Bobby - Grillin'
Florence, Tyler - Fan page
Flour - Types, grading, etc.
Floyd, Keith - Floyd on...
Folse, John - A Taste of Louisiana
Food & Drug Law Institute - Forum for critical examination of the laws, regulations, and policies related  to drugs, medical devices, other health care technologies, and foods
Food 411 - Web food resource
Foodnet - HACCP manual online, food Regulations, industry news
Food Network - Food TV, with all your favorite shows
Food Preservation Database - From Penn State
Food Revolution - John Robbins on food and life choicese
Food Safety - From the American Dietetic Assn
Food Safety - Facts from the USDA
Food Safety - How long to store food
Food Safety - Gateway to government food safety info
Food Safety Alerts & Recalls - From the FDA
Food Safety Myths - FoodSavety.gog
Food Safety Web - From Penn State Extension Service
Food Science - Check out the faq from the Institute of Food Science & Technology
Food Science - Go to divisions with webs, then newsletters; scroll down to tech stuff, at Institute of Food Technologists
Foodservice & Packaging Institute - Information about single-use foodservice products
Food Preservation - From Utah State U
Frozen Food - Facts, tips, recipes from American Frozen Food Institute
Fruit Flies - How you get 'em and get rid of 'em
Fruits - How to buy
Fruits - Canned & Frozen - How to buy
Fruitarians - People who love to eat raw fruit

Gadget Guru Online - Fun and often practical
Galvanizing - AGA Hot Dip Galvanizing Assn for Galvanized Steel
Garlic Festival - Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world
Giblets - Facts from the USDA
Gilletz, Norene - Kosher cookbook author
Gingerbread - Houses, tips, and more
Glass Bottles - Historical bottles identification guide
Global Food Service - Network resource for the foodservice trade
Gluten-Free - Recipes for coeliacs/celiacs and for all
Gluten-Free Mall - Gluten-free for those with celiac disease
Grains - Grains Nutrition Information Center offers news, tips and more
Great Chefs - Great chefs from around the world, and other stars.
Green, Aliza - Chef, consultant, author
Grill Parts - For gas grills
Grill Parts & Repairs - For all types of bbq grills from CLA Grills
Grilling - Tips from (Search "healthy grilling" for more tips)
Grilling - With
Grocery Manufacturers of America - Features grocers' issues
Grosvernor, Vertamae - America's family kitchen
Gugino, Sam - Sam Cooks
Gum Arabic - About this substance

Ham - Facts from the USDA
Hand Washing Education - Why, when and how
Hazelnuts - Recipes from Oregon
Health Departments - Listing by state from the Centers for Disease Control
Healthfinder -Gateway consumer health and human services
Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Assn - Trade association
Helen Chen - Marketing/culinary consultant and educator
Heloise's Hints - Never let me down yet
Herbs - Up to date information from the Herb Research Foundation on thousands of herbs
Hershey's - Cocoa recipes and faqs
Hickoryworks - Hickory syrup
Hom, Ken - Hot wokker
Home Appliance Manufacturers Assn - Consumer tips
Honey - Hive a sweet time with the National Honey Board
Honey Expert - A bee-friendly site
Hot Hot Hot - The hot sauce site
Hot Dog & Sausage - Facts and trivia
Household Products - Database from the National Institutes of Health

IACP - International Association of Culinary Professionals
Ice Cream - Make it with liquid hydrogen
Induction Cooktops - All about
Insect Recipes - From Iowa State U
International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Assn. - A pro's interface
International Dairy Foods Association - An industry resource
International Food Information Council - Good reference
International Foodservice Manufacturers Association - Industry resource
International Fresh-Cut Produce Association - Industry resource; neat info in what's new/newsletters
International Hardware Distributors Assn - Industry Association
International Housewares Representatives Assn - Industry Association
Int'l Wood Products Assn - Trade association
Iron Chef - Food Network

Jelly & Preserves - Info, recipes and more from the Int'l Jelly & Preserve Assn
James Beard Foundation - Celebrates the country's culinary artists, provides scholarships and educational opportunities, serves as a resource for the industry, and more
Jerky - Facts from the USDA

Kasper, Lynne Rossetto - Minnesota Public Radio
Katzen, Mollie - Recipes, vegetarian cooking and more, from the authority
Kerr, Graham - Wellness on the web
Ketchup - Ketchup wiki history, info and links
Kitchen Chemistry - Experiments and demonstrations with elementary school kids--mostly K through 6th grades
Kitchen Design - Interactive help
The Kitchen Link - Over 10,000 food, recipe, and cooking links
Kitchens For Cooks - Designing them, with author Deborah Krasner
Knife Books - Lots of them, plus links, from expert Bernard Levine
Knife Encyclopedia - Interesting and helpful
Knife Resources - Listing of manufacturers and retailers
Kosher Links and Recipes - From Norene Gilletz, noted author
Kosher Quest - Certifications and symbols
Krasner, Deborah - Author & Public Radio host

La Carmina - Cookbook author and fashion personality
Lagasse, Emeril - Cookbook author and on-air food personality
Lamb - Tips from the American Lamb Council
Lawson, Nigella - Nigella Bites
Lead - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
LeadCheck - Swab test kit to detect Lead
Lead Guide for Parents - CDC Parents Guide to Childhood Immunizations
Lead in Tableware - Great info from CA's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch
Lead in the Home - Alliance for Healthy Homes
Lead Poisoning - Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning
Lead Safe USA - From the Nat'l Assn of the Remodeling Industry
Lead Testing - Brandywine Science Lab tests ceramics for lead and other leachates
Leafy Greens - National Leafy Greens Council provides market, nutritional, and educational information to consumers, produce growers and produce buyers; also a teacher's resource
Lebovitz, David - Desserts
Le Cordon Blue - One of the world's premier cooking schools
Les Dames D'Escoffier - A worldwide society of professional women in the fields of food, fine beverage and hospitality

MacLean, Natalie - Free wine e-newsletter
Meat - How to buy
Meat Industry Suppliers Association - Industry resource
Mexican Kitchen - On Mexican food
Mexican - Recipes
Milk - Moo Milk, a fun adventure into the dairy industry
Milk - The Not-Milk Times
Milk Allergies - Lactose and other intolerances
Mitchell, Valerie - Polenta on the Board
Molasses - All about
Molecular Gastronomy - A Wiki page
Mold Control - From the Environmental Protection Agency
Morimoto, Masaharu - Iron Chef
Morse, Kitty - Moroccan
MSG - Monosodium glutamate info
Mushrooms - The ultimate resource from the fun-guys

NASFT - National Assn for the Specialty Food Trade
National Association of Fruits, Flavors & Syrups - Industry resource
National Association of Manufacturers - Industry Association
Nat'l Barbecue Assn - Trade association
National Confectioners Association - The candy site
National Country Ham Association - Hamming it up
National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association - Industry resource and consumer resources
National Grocers Association - Industry resource
NHMA - National Housewares Manufacturers of America - Industry resource
National Kitchen & Bath Assn - Industry Association
National Meat Association - Search their publications for interesting info
National Restaurant Association - Resource for restaurateurs
NRF - National Retail Federation - Retailer resources
National Retail Hardware Assn - Industry Association
NSF - Find out why the National Sanitary Foundation's seal is important to our health
Natural - Health, nutrition and supplements info from NutraSanus
Natural Products Association - Industry resource
New York Times - Search for: food
NickelCheck - Swab test kit to detect Nickel (Ni+2)
Nigella Lawson - Recipes, forum and more
Non-Electrics - From Lehman's catalog
Non-stick coatings - By BCS - Bakeware Coating Systems using SBS-Teflon
Non-stick coatings - By DuPont
Non-stick coatings - By Whitford
Non-Stick Re-Coating - Have non-stick pans re-coated by the FryPan Man
North American Meat Processors Association - Meat Buyers Guide available
NRTL - Our page on UL, CE, SE and other labels
Nut Growers - Northern Nut Growers Association
Nutrient Analysis - Norene Gilletz's help for cookbooks, restaurants and foodservice
Nutrient Database - USDA reference
Nutrient Database Search - From the USDA
Nutriform - Nutrition info software for professionals
Nutrition - Basic and clinical studies relevant to nutrition from the American Society for Nutritional Sciences
Nutrition - Software for restaurants, bakeries and food manufacturers
Nutrition Data - Facts and calorie counters
Nutrition Education - USDA
Nutritional Info - From NutraSanus

The Old Farmer's Almanac - Planting times and more
Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust - Neat
Olive - International Olive Oil Council
Olive Oil - North American Olive Oil Assn
Olive Oil Source - Olive oil company lists and more
Oliver, Jamie - Naked Chef
Onions - National Onion Association
Organic Program - USDA AMS Proposal, etc.
Organic Trade Association
Ostriches - American Ostrich Assn recipes, suppliers, nutrition info
Ostriches - Register to learn everything you ever wanted to know and more

Parts - From Cuisine Parts & Service Co.
Parts - From Gourmet Depot
Pasta - Faq's, nutrition, recipes, fun and more from the National Pasta Assn
PastryWiz - Great resource
Peanut Butter - History, faq's and more
Peanuts - National Peanut Board for everything peanut
Pears - All about
Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture - Bringing you the future of agriculture today
Pepin, Jacques - The French Master
Pesticides and Food - Facts from the EPA
Peter's Chocolate - From Nestle`
Philabundance - They get the cans of food you bring us
Photos - Food image library
Picnic - Food safety tips
Pirello, Christina - For really healthy cooking, Christina Cooks
Poison Control Centers - A listing from the AAPCC
The Popcorn Board - Popcorn encyclopedia and more
Porcelain Enamel Institute - Trade association
Pork - "The other white meat." Food and nutrition info  from the National Pork Producers Council
Potato - Idaho Potatoes
Potato - Charts, recipes and more
Poultry - How to buy
Powder Coating Institute - About powder coatings
Pressure Cooking - Wikipedia
Prosciutto di Parma - All about the world's most famous ham
Produce Marketing Association
Prudhomme, Paul - New Orleans here I come
Puck, Wolfgang - Restaurants
PVD - Physical Vapour Deposition coatings

Ratites - Facts from the USDA
Raw - Raw fooders
Raw Food Life - Dedicated to raw foods
Recipe Database - Recipes, reviews, menus, etc.
Recipe Makeovers - Norene Gilletz, consultant for webs, publications and foodservice, plus lots of recipes and tips
Recipe Swap - From Cuisinart
Recycler's World - Rendering and protein wastes
Recycling - Int'l Assn of Electronics Recyclers
Recycling - Electronic Industries Alliance
Recycling - Steel Recycling Institute
Recycling - Rechargeable Battery Recycling program
Recipe Converter - Adjusts number of servings
Recipezaar (now - Loads of recipes and nutritional info
Refrigerated Foods Association
Regina's Vegetarian Table - Regina Campbell on healthy, fast & fresh cuisine. 
Regrettable Food - A fun gallery of mistakes & misnomers
Remodeling - National Association of the Remodeling Industry
Remodeling - National Kitchen and Bath Association
Replacements - Classic Replacements china, crystal, flatware
Replacements Ltd - Dinnerware, tableware, etc.
Research Chefs Association
Restaurant Equipment - For restaurants, new & used (Phila. area)
Restaurant Report OnLine - For hospitality professionals and food lovers
Retail Confectioners International - Trade association
Rice - Carolina aromatic
Rodale Press - Organic Gardening

Safety of Foods - See links above, under "Food Safety"
Salad Heads - The latest sauces and condiments
Salt - The essence of life; facts from the Salt Institute
Schools - Shaw's guide to cooking schools
Schools - Culinary schools locator service
Schwartz, Arthur - The Food Maven
Seafood How-To - Information on seafood from Seafood Plus
Sheep - Info from American Sheep Industry Association
Sherbet - Recipes
Silver Queen - Sterling silver pattern matching
Silverstone, Phillip - The world renowned wine-o-saur
Silverwarehouse - Replacement silverware
Simple Cooking - If you like reading about food, check this outlaw
Slow Cookers - Food safety info from USDA FSIS
Smith, Delia - Delia Online
Smith, Jeff - About The Frugal Gourmet, who passed on in July 2004
Snack Food Association
Soap & Detergent Assn (now American Cleaning Institute) - All the soap info you'd want to know
Soft Drinks - American Beverage Association
Solar Cookers
Soup - For whatever ails you.
Soybeans - Soybean answers from National Soybean Research Laboratory
Soybeans - United Soybean Board talks soy
Soyfoods - US Soyfoods directory; very helpful guides
Spam - The official site of the food
SCAA - Specialty Coffee Association of America
Spice - Publications and more from American Spice Trade Association
Spices - 4000 names in about 40 different languages
Staib, Walter - A Taste of History
Star Chefs - Recipes and more with lots of famous chefs
Statistics - Federal statistics on everything, including food and agriculture
Stein, Rick - Food Heroes
Strawberry - Nutrition, recipes, contests from California Strawberry Commission
Study Web - Tools for teachers looking for lesson plan and curriculum ideas, not just about food
Substitutions - Handy little site
Substitutions - Baking
Sugar Association - Lots of facts
Sugar Facts - From Domino Sugar
Sustainable Agriculture
Sweeteners - Faq's from the Int'l Sweeteners Ass'n.
Swisswater - The chemical-free decaffeination process
Switcheroo - Substitute thousands of ingredients

Tailgating - At the stadium, that is
Taylor, John Martin - Hoppin' John's
Tea - Good info from Jackson's of Piccadilly
Tea Association of Canada
Tea Council of the UK
Temperature - Tons of technical information on temperature controls
Thermometers - Facts from the USDA
Thesaurus - For cooks
Thorne, John - Outlaw Cook
Tomato - Tomatoes up for election at the Florida Tomato Committee
Too Much Coffee Man - Speaks for itself
Torres, Jacques - The Master Pastry
Tortillas - Info and recipes from Tortilla Industry Assn
Trotter, Charlie - Kitchen Sessions
Truffles - The mushroom kind
Tsai, Ming - East meets West
Turkey - Know-how and recipes from Butterball
Turkey - History, facts, trivia, recipes and more from National Turkey Federation
Turkey - Facts from the USDA
TV Food Network - All the stars you know and love

Uncle Ben's - It makes recipes from ingredients in your cupboard
Underwriters Laboratories - See link at bottom of this page
Uniforms - Kitchen apparel and then some
US Code - A consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States, including food; be prepared to dig
USDA - Food Safety and Inspection Service
USDA - Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion
USDA - Cooperative State, Research, Education and Extension Service
US Poultry & Egg Association

Vacuum Packaging - National Center for Home Food Preservation
Vanilla - Lots of fun and useful info from Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
Vanilla Beans - Info from Kafrin, a Canadian importer
Vegan Society - Promoting ways of living which avoid the use of animal products
Vegetarian Guide - To restaurants & health food stores
Veggies - Vegetarian and vegan info from the Vegetarian Resources Group
Veggies - Canned & Frozen - How to buy
Veggies - Fresh - How to buy
Veggies Unite
Vinegar Institute
Vinegar Man - News, views, trivia, recipes, how-to, etc. from Vinegar Conoisseurs Int'l
Von Klause, Kevin & Wicks, Judy - White Dog Cafe

Wagner & Griswold Society - Collectors community
Washing Food - Facts from the USDA
Water - The main ingredient in so many recipes. Everything you ever wanted to know, from the Int'l Bottled Water Assn
Water Filtration - All about
Water Lead Check - Check your tap water for lead content
Waters, Alice - Chez Panisse essence
Wheat - Wheat Foods Council
Whole Grains Council - Whole grain info and recipes
Willinger, Faith - All Italian
Wilson, Justin - Cajun cook and humorist, who, sadly, passed away September 2001
Wine Institute
Wine Storage - For wine cellars; tips
Wolf, Burt - Roundtable chef
Wolfert, Paula - Pursuit of Flavor
Wood Products Manufacturers Assn - Industry Association
World Food Programme - From the U.N.
Wright, Clifford - Mediterranean
food connoisseur
restaurants in New Orleans

Yan Can Cook, with Martin Yan - The fastest knife in the East and West takes you on wonderful journeys
Yeast - Baking, bread machines and recipes from Fleischmann's

Zagat - The premier restaurant surveyor

Our page on UL & Other "Listed" Markings

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