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-Safety guard / pusher
-Adjusting the thickness
-Choosing a blade
-Manufacturer's warranty

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Matfer Mandolin Instructions

Matfer, Since 1814

Matfer Professional Mandolin

Matfer Professional Mandolin
Model 2000

The mandolin frame and safety guard/pusher are made of heat resistant, non-porous composite fiberglass.

The blades are crafted from high carbon stainless steel. As with professional quality knives, they may require sharpening.

The mandolin and blades are durable and dishwasher safe.

2-year warranty, limited to defects from manufacturing.

Identifying the parts

Mandolin Parts

1. Slicing Blade - One edge is straight and the opposite edge is fluted (serrated). Held in place on a flat bed by a knurled knob (5.).

2. Safety Guard / Pusher - Hold by the knob. Point arrows toward direction of blades. Spikes underneath hold food in place. Elongated edges help to keep it aligned on mandolin.

3. Julienne Blades - Stainless blades embedded in hard fiberglass base. They slide onto the mandolin from the side.

4. Guiding Plate - 3-7/8" wide stainless steel plate adjusts for thicknesses up to 3/8" (10 mm.) with the knurled knob underneath it. The measuring gage on the side of the body is graduated by 1/8" and 1 mm. Plate is hinged for easier cleaning and for removal of julienne and slicing blades.

5. Slicing Blade Knurled Knob - Holds the slicing blade in place. Unscrew it to loosen blade, the push up on the knob to lift the blade for turning from straight edge to fluted edge, or for cleaning.

Safety Guard / Pusher
Model 2000 Guard/Pusher

Model 2000S Guard with Pusher
Model 2000-S Guard (2) and Pusher (8)


The Safety Guard / Pusher

Matfer Mandolin Safety Guard/Pusher CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Hold it by its large knob to move the food up and down the mandolin. Spikes underneath keep the food securely on the pusher as you slide it against the blades.

There are two arrows on the pusher. Always make sure that these arrows are pointing down the face of the mandolin, toward the blades.

The pusher is designed so that it will not touch the blades as you slide it up and down the face of the mandolin.

Cut the vegetable/fruit to fit the width of the pusher (3-7/8" max.).

Trim tips and stems for uniformity.

Press the vegetable/fruit onto the pusher so that the spikes pierce it.

To make slices, hold the knob on top of the pusher and slide down the mandolin, over the slicing blades.

Maintain constant pressure on the pusher so that the spikes continue to grab the vegetable/fruit.


Adjusting the Thickness

Adjusting the thicknessCLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

The knob beneath the guiding plate adjusts the thickness. Rotating this knob either raises or lowers the upper guiding plate, creating thinner or thicker slices.

For thinner slices, turn the knob beneath the guiding plate counterclockwise.

For thicker slices, turn the knob beneath the guiding plate clockwise.

The gauge indicator, located on the side of the mandolin frame, allows you to consistently measure the thickness of each cut. 1/8" or 1 mm graduations.


Choosing a Blade

-SLICING BLADE - This is the mandolin's main blade and features a straight edge for basic slicing and a serrated edge for crinkle and waffle cuts.

When handling the blade, hold it by its knurled knob, or by its sides. Never hold it by the cutting edges, as they are sharp and can easily cut.

The straight edge of the slicing blade is ideal for slicing a variety of foods from carrots and cabbage to lemons and potatoes.

For straight cuts, place the vegetable/fruit either endwise or lengthwise onto the pusher.

Secure the blade by tightening its knurled knob, underneath.

For more consistent slices from smaller vegetables, such as radishes and mini-carrots, you may want to tighten the knob at the higher position, which will shorten the gap between the upper guiding plate and the slicing blade.

The serrated edge of the slicing blade creates crinkle and waffle cuts, and is easy to use with any vegetable/fruit.

A crinkle cut requires only one pass over the blade.

For a waffle cut, the key is to adjust the height of the guiding plate so that the slices are only slightly thicker than the serrated edge of the slicing blade.

Once you adjust the thickness, make a pass over the blade.

Next, rotate the vegetable/fruit 90° and make a second pass to complete the cut. This rotation will create an opposing crinkle cut on each side.

IMPORTANT: When making waffle cuts, you cannot use the pusher. So we strongly recommend that you...

Work with longer sections of vegetables to keep your hands far away from the slicing blade. As vegetables get short, put them aside for other uses.

Do not attempt to cut too quickly.

Always pay close attention to what you are doing: the blades, including the serrated blade, are very sharp!

-JULIENNE BLADES - The three julienne strips that come with the mandolin have the following thicknesses: 1/8", 3/16" and 3/8". The more "teeth" on the blade, the thinner the sticks.

Only use julienne blades with the straight edge of the slicing blade. Do not use them with the serrated blade.

Always hold the julienne blades by their handle for safety.

First cut the vegetables/fruit in sections corresponding to the desired length of the julienne strips (approximately 3" to 6").

For julienne cuts, place the vegetable/fruit lengthwise into the pusher.

Choose a julienne blade and insert it, teeth side up, into the slot on the mandoline frame.

Be sure to insert it all the way into the slot. You will feel it lock in place.

After use, clean each blade carefully, then place it back in the box for safe storage.




The Matfer Professional Mandolin is guaranteed to be free of defects from manufacturing. Should any part prove to be defective within 2 years from the date of purchase (keep your receipt in the box), you can return the part to the place of purchase for repair or replacement.

This is a professional cutting tool, and it is your responsibility to maintain safe practices while using, cleaning and storing the mandolin.

The Matfer Professional Mandolin is made in France by Matfer

Matfer France
Siègge social et services commerciaux
9, 11 rue du tapis vert
·Tél : 33(0)1 43 62 60 40
·Fax : 33(0)1 43 62 50 82

Matfer Inc. U.S.A
16300 Stagg street
Van Nuys, California 91406
·Tel : (818) 782-0792. Toll free : (800) 766-0333
·Fax : (818) 782-0799

Matfer Asia
Eurochef Asia Ltd
5/F & 9/f, unit C, Johnson industrial building.
340, Kwun Tong road.
Kwun Tong. Kowloon. HONG-KONG
·Tel : (852) 2753 5626
·Fax : (852) 2753 5690



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