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-Batter Dropper
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Pancake Utensils

Swedish Pancakes Recipe

The Swedish Plätt Pan is used to make Plättar, tasty Scandinavian Pancakes. The traditional pan is called a plättlagg.

2 eggs
3 cups milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1½ cups flour

Lingonberry Preserves (optional)

Beat the eggs and add the flour and milk gradually along with the sugar and salt.
Heat the Platt Pan over low heat and brush each indentation with butter.
Stir in the batter well, and fill each indentation about 2/3 with batter.
Cook until golden brown.
Serve with butter, Lingonberry preserves and sugar.

Plätt Pan

Cast Iron Platt Pan Cast Iron Platt Pan

9.25" round,
5.25" long handle,
2.5" wide cavities,
1/16" deep,
Cast iron
Made in Taiwan
(Seasoning & Care of Cast Iron)

Blini Pan

Carbon Steel Blinis Crepe Pan Blini Pan

4-3/4" wide,
1" high,
5" handle,
Heavy carbon steel,
Made in France
(Use & Care of Carbon Steel)

Batter Droppers

jumbo stainless steel pancake batter dropper

jumbo stainless steel pancake batter dispenser
Jumbo Stainless Steel Pancake Batter Dispenser

4 cup capacity,
8" high,
4-3/8" across,
5-3/4" across with handle,
Holder measures 3-7/8 x 2-3/4" high,
18/10 stainless steel,
Comes apart for cleaning
Made in China
Stainless steel batter dispenser

Stainless steel batter dispenser
Stainless Steel Batter Dispenser

6.2" high,
4.2" wide top,
3.7" diameter body,
Spring-loaded handle,
Stainless steel construction,
Plastic slide-stopper,
Dishwasher safe,
Made in China
Chicago Metallic batter dispenser

Chicago Metallic batter dispenser
Chicago Metallic
Batter Dispenser

4 cup capacity,
7.25" high,
4.4" diameter,
Quick-release handle,
Cup measurements on acrylic body,
Top rack dishwasher safe,
Made in China

Pancake Pen

Tovolo Pancake Pen

Tovolo Pancake Pen

Tovolo Pancake Pen
Tovolo Pancake Pen

3 cup capacity,
11.5" high,
3" widest diameter,
8 mm silicone nozzle opening,
Screw-lids at both ends,
Measurement markings on squeeze bottle,
Top rack dishwasher safe,
Made in China
Pour ingredients directly into the bottle and shake to mix.
Use to fill muffin pans and cupcake liners, and create custom pancake designs.

Pancake Recipe Book

Best 50 pancake recipes The Best 50 Pancake Recipes

By Rachel Wylde
Bristol Publishers,
78 pages,
6" x 4.5" format
Made in USAMade in USA

Decorative Pancake Rings

Airplane cutout pancake mold

Truck cutout pancake mold
Airplane & Truck Cutout Pancake Molds

6.4" long,
3.7" wide,
0.6" high,
Handle folds for storage,
Non-stick over heavy gauge steel,
Made in China
For use on a flat skillet or griddle, makes attractive pancakes that the kids will enjoy.



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