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Alpine Cuisine Mamoul and Ajwa Wood Mold

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Use this mold to make mamoul Lebanese pastries, for molding butter, and for Chinese rice cakes.

2-1/4 x 1 x 9" long
Cavity approx 2-1/2" long
Natural wood
Made by hand
Instructions for Mamoul and Butter Molding

Making mamoul:• Spread the dough to make a hole for the filling.
• Add the filling, and close the dough over it, to seal the filling inside.
• Gently press the dough ball into the appropriate size cavity of the mold to transfer its design:
- Pistachio:longnarrow
- Dates:shallow
- Walnut:rounddeep.

To use as a butter mold:
• Chill in the refrigerator for about a half hour. Or line the mold cavities with plastic wrap.
• Pack with softened butter.
• Place in fridge until firm.

• Tap the form upside-down on your counter to release the dough ball or butter from the mold.
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Country of Origin Made in Syria
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