Number 5, Micro Cake Pan

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8.5 x 5-7/8 in.

Micro-Cake Numbers - Details and Instructions

Uses microwave-size cake mix. A regular-size cake mix will make 2 micro-sized cakes. Pans are made of heat resistant plastic, safe up to 375°F. All pans approx. 1.5 in. deep.

Microwave: Cooks in a 700-watt microwave in about 6 minutes. If not turntable equipped, turn every 2 minutes. Cool cake 3 minutes before removing from pan. Finish cooling on rack or towel.

Standard oven: Place pan on a shiny aluminum cookie sheet. Do not exceed 375°F. Cool cake 5 minutes in pan. Finish cooling on rack or towel.

Pans will last for many, many uses with reasonable care. Wash in warm sudsy water and do not scour. BPA-free.
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