Boska Party Raclette for Quarter Cheese Forms

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Melt cheese in your home in the traditional Swiss fashion. This unique cheese raclette from the Pro Collection heats the top of the cheese through a heat lamp, keeping the bottom of the cheese firm while you easily scrape off the molten cheese from the top. Suitable for a quarter wheel of cheese.
Swiveling cheese holder on swivel arm. Holds 1/4 of a round cheese form. 8.25 x 9.5 in. base, 12.5 in. high overall. CE Listed, 110v 600 watts. Unit weighs 3 lbs. Thermo-lacquered, nickel-plated steel. A couple square feet of space are needed to use the raclette.
Model 851200

Instructions and Recipes


Assembly of the axis and the cheese holder:

RACLETTE Quattro: -Stick the axis of the cheese holder in the base and then place the cheese holder on the axis.

Installing the heating element and connection to the power source: -Ensure that the rotary screw has been removed from the aluminium block on the base. -Place the heating element on the aluminium block on the base and attach the rotary screw. -Check whether the voltage requirement on the product corresponds with the supply voltage.

The raclette appliance can be connected to the power source by attaching the lead supplied to it (in the case of the Quattro, the lead is fixed to the heating element) and subsequently plugging the power plug into the wall socket. Ensure that the on/off switch is on '0' before you plug the power plug into the wall socket.

Your raclette appliance is now ready for use.

2. USE

Clean the cheese holder before using it for the first time (see 'cleaning').

The raclette is switched on by placing the on/off switch on 'I'. If there is no cheese fixed to the cheese holder, turn it out of reach of the heating element. The appliance must be allowed to heat up for about 5 minutes. A little smoke may form when it is used for the first time.

Place the cheese on the cheese holder. In the case of the Quattro, the quarter cheese with the rind is stuck onto the points of the cheese holder, the semicircular handles remaining manoeuvrable. Turn the cheese holder so that the cheese is directly under the heating element. Ensure that the surface of the cheese to be melted is parallel to the heating element at a distance of about 2 cm (3/4 of an inch).

Once the cheese has melted enough, it can be scraped off and eaten. Turn the cheese holder so that the cheese is close to the heating element. Tilt the cheese holder over the hinging point and scrape the melted cheese onto a plate. Remove the rind that has not melted every 4 or 5 times you scrape off a layer of melted cheese.

Switch off the appliance directly after use. Allow the appliance to cool down fully before touching it.


Make sure that the plug has been removed from the wall socket and that the appliance has cooled down fully. Never immerse the appliance in water or other liquids. Wipe the appliance with a damp cloth with washing-up liquid. Never use hard brushes, abrasive materials, disinfectants, sodacontaining or aggressive cleaning agents.

If the black part of the cheese holder becomes faded after use, it can be rubbed with sunflower or olive oil.

- Prevent short-circuiting: ensure that the appliance NEVER comes into direct contact with water or other liquids.
- Always place the appliance on an even, stable surface.
- NEVER place flammable materials (cloths, paper, etc.) near the appliance during use.
- Always stay in the vicinity of the appliance when it is switched on.
- Never allow children to operate the appliance.
- The set becomes very hot during use. After use, allow them to cool down fully before touching it.
- Remove the plug from the wall socket if the appliance is not being used.
- Do not use the appliance if the cord or plug is damaged.
- Repairs must be carried out by qualified professionals.
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Brand Boska Holland
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