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CakePlay Desiccant Packets

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CakePlay's dessicant packets are uniquely designed to protect your Isomalt and gumpaste work from degradation in humid conditions. These packets deliver excellent moisture control to effectively manage the harmful effects of excess humidity for all sugar work.

Includes 4 Clariant Sorb-It® silica gel desiccant bags
4 packets
Model 8010

Here's how to preserve your work:
- Place your finished piece and a CakePlay desiccant packet in a rigid, airtight container up to 1 gallon in size. Reclose desiccant pouch after opening.
-Close the lid tightly and store container at room temperature. When properly stored, finished sugar work will last for months.
- Remove piece from container just before use or display.
-Store any unused CakePlay Isomalt Nibs in a similar manner.

Desiccant packets will provide 1-2 months of protection with active use. Unused packets will last for a couple of years when properly sealed and stored.

Packets are made of a specialized form of sodium silicate, a purified natural material approved by the FDA. Non-toxidc and non-reactive. However do not consume.

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