CBE Ostie Wafer Stovetop Baker

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A traditional wafer cookie almost as thin as paper, from the Molise region of Italy.

These delicate wafers can be cut, decorated, used to line pans for baking (panforte, for example). Right out of the iron, they're hot and pliable, and can easily be trimmed with kitchen shears, and shaped into bowls or cones for any type of filling.

The traditional recipe has a neutral taste, and has many adaptations to thicken or sweeten it, and also to include fillings right in the wafer. Many delicacies, such as Brigidini, are made with this iron.

The wafer baker will be easiest to use on a grate over a gas flame, however it will work over electric elements as well. Consider using a diffuser or trivet between flat elements and the baker.

5.75" diameter
18.3" overall length
7 mm thick cast aluminum alloy plates
Steel hinge pins
Screw-on thick steel handles with beechwood handholds

Ostie Wafer Baker Instructions and Recipes
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Country of Origin Made in Italy

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