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Chef's Planet Nonstick Oven Liner

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Place the Chef's Planet Nonstick Oven Liner on the lowest rack in your oven (on the floor of ovens with exposed elements), and let it catch spills, drips, crumbs and splatters from baking and cooking. Baking pans may be placed directly on the liner.

Fits most ovens and can be trimmed to fit inside smaller ones. When trimming, just make sure the liner doesn't extend over the edges of the wire rack nor cover any holes inside the oven.

It will last years before it needs replacing, with only minimal care. Keep sharp instuments, like knives, off the liner, and clean it with non-abrasive cleaners. This life-saver is dishwasher safe, too.

You can store it flat or roll it into a tube (but don't fold it) for convenient storage.

23 x 16.25 in.
Model 400

Use and Care Instructions
Chef's Planet Nonstick Oven Liner Video
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Brand Chef's Planet
Country of Origin Made in USA

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