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Copper Atlas Turkish Coffee and Spice Mill, 10 in.

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9.25 in. high, 1.6 in. diameter cylindrical body, 3.75 in. long collection cup base. Solid copper body. The mechanism is made of hardened steel and compares in size with regular coffee mills. It exels in producing fine grinds. A thumbscrew under the mechanism is used to regulate the grind. It can be used with coffee beans, peppercorns, and any spice that can normally be ground into a powder. The long handle provides better leverage and greater turning ease. The sleek body makes it easy to hold. You can keep the collecting cup attached, or use the mill without it.
Lifetime limited warranty.

How to Use a Turkish Mill

Turkish mills are intended to grind only very finely. Turning the thumbscrew adjusts the fineness of the grind. Adjust counterclockwise for a coarser grind. The screw will loosen from the burrs. You may have to turn the handle counterclockwise slightly to loosen the burrs so they come down to meet the top of the adjusting screw. With its collecting cup securely on, anchor the mill between your knees. Position it toward your turning hand, at an angle that maximizes the greatest ease in turning. Turn clockwise to grind. Coffee ground with a Turkish Mill should only be brewed in an Ibrik.

A Turkish Mill should only be used for either coffee beans or for a particular spice, such as peppercorns. It should be used consistenly for that purpose, as it is not easy to thoroughly clean away the flavors. Use your grinder often. If you must put it to rest for a while, remove all coffee or spice. Loosen the adjusting screw, hold the mill upside-down, and turn counterclockwise to loosen any remaining stuff in the burrs. Inspect for cleanliness. Before using after a long time of rest, inspect the inside, then grind a bit of coffee or spice to clean the burrs and ready them for your next culinary intentions.
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Country of Origin Made in Greece

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