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Copper Water Distiller

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This beautiful copper distillation unit is hand crafted in Italy. It is offered as a decorative piece, since its small size makes it impractical for distilling drinking water in sufficient supply for consumption. Not legal, nor safe, for use with alcoholic beverages.

2 qt capacity
Approx 13-1/4" high overall
Water container (boiler) with stand
Lid with transfer tube
Coiled cooling container
Alcohol burner
Small collection pitcher
Hand made

- Fill the large container (boiler) with the mixture to be distilled.
- To speed up boiling, cover and place it on your stovetop, then replace it on its stand and light the little gel fuel burner.
- Fill the smaller, coiled container with cold water or small ice cubes.
- Attach the tubing; to avoid leakage, you can seal the joints with a paste of white flour and water.
- As water boils, the steam goes through the coiled tube, is cooled by the ice, and comes out distilled.
- The small tube at the top of the coiled container directs overflow of melted ice when adding more ice.
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Brand Navarini
Country of Origin Made in Italy

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