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Due Torri Tigellone Stovetop Baker

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This Due Torri Tigellone Stovetop Baker makes one large tigella at a time, 0.75" / 2cm thick, 9.25" / 23.5cm diameter.

Tigelle are quite easy to make using simple ingredients. Slice the baked tigelle like sandwiches or as a pouch, and add your favorite fillings. Traditionally, tigelle are filled with ham, prosciutto or cheese, and eaten warm.

Tigelle is an ancient and popular flatbread in Emilia Romagna. The term comes from the Latin verb 'tegere' (to cover), that evolved into 'tegula' (cover) in Vulgar Latin, of which 'tegella' is a diminutive term.

Heavy gauge aluminum hinged forms.
Plated steel handles with heat resistant plastic handholds.
9.75 in (25 cm) outside diameter, 1.4 in (3.5 cm) thick exterior.
20.8 in (53 cm) long overall.
10.5 in (27 cm) long handles.
Weighs 5.3 Lbs.
For use on the stove top.

How to make Tigelle
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Country of Origin Made in Italy

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