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Esprit du Sel Grey Sea Salt

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Esprit du Sel grey sea salt is harvested by hand from the clay bottoms of French Atlantic salt marshes each summer.
Its aroma is redolent of the clean sea surrounding the island of Re'.
The island's salt marshes have been awarded the 'Remarkable site of Taste' award by France's National Center of Culinary Art.
Gathered with wooden tools as it has been since the Middle Ages, Esprit du Sel 'crude of crop' salt retains calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and iodine for good diet and nutrition.
Neither treated nor washed, it is totally natural.
An everyday table salt at French bistros.
Use these rugged textured briny crystals for all your cooking and as a base for rubs.
Reclosable lid flaps for shaking and for spooning out.
Ingredients: wet sea salt.
Net weight 17.6 oz / 500 g

Freshness seal breaks upon opening of jar.
Its high moisture content makes it inappropriate for use in standard salt mills; you can use the Peugeot Wet Salt Mill to produce finer crystals.
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Country of Origin Made in France

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