Fante's Mamma Rina's Corzetti Stamp, Fiore Della Vita

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-Stamps a decorative floral Fiore Della Vita design on dough
-Ideal for pasta and other firmer dough, like that used for making springerle cookies
-Design has a 2" diameter, stamp measures 2" tall
-Wipes clean with a cloth: use a brush to dislodge any dried particles. Do not use water

Fantes Mamma Rina's Corzetti Stamp makes decorative pasta easily at home. Decorative pasta makes a beautiful presentation at every table and holds more sauce in the design grooves. The Corzetti Stamp is ideal for use on firmer dough that will hold the Fiore Della Vita design, like the dough used for making pasta or springerle cookie dough. The top stamp presses the 2-inch round flower of life design into the dough at the same time the cutter base embosses the spiral design on the underside.

It's easy to use! Simply roll out pasta dough to desired thickness and cut a circle of dough with the base. Turn the base cutter-side down and set the dough circle on top of the base swirl design. Press the top floral design stamp into the dough. This also presses the spiral design onto the underside of the pasta at the same time. Repeat these steps until you run out of dough. Follow fresh-pasta cooking directions. Once cooked, scoop cooked corzetti out from the hot water or broth with a skimmer rather than pouring them into a colander, which could cause the delicate pasta to break apart. Made in Italy from pearwood. Wipe clean with a dry cloth and dislodge any dough particles with a firm brush.

Model 14815
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Brand Fante's by HIC
Country of Origin Made in Italy

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