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Fante's Uncle Luigi's Adjustable Chocolate Truffle Plane

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Fante's Uncle Luigi's Adjustable Chocolate Truffle Plane slices truffles and chocolates in various thickness, from paper thin up to 0.8-millimeter thick.

Made in Italy from stainless steel; blade position adjusts easily with the turn of the thumbscrew.

Easily add paper-thin slices of truffles or cheese, thicker strips of carrots, zucchini or summer squash, and more to favorite recipes.

Add delicate chocolate curls to garnish baked goods, dessert recipes, hot chocolate, coffee beverages, and frozen drinks.

Easy to use; compact for easy storage; dishwasher safe easy cleanup.

Fante's Uncle Luigi's Adjustable Chocolate Truffle Plane for slicing truffles, hard cheeses, blocks of baking chocolate and other firmer ingredients. Fresh ingredients are tastiest when prepared immediately before use. Uncle Luigi's Chocolate Truffle Plane easily adjusts for thinner or thicker slices on demand with just the simple turn of the thumbscrew, from paper thin slices up to 0.8-millimeter thick. Perfect for adding sliced truffles, strips of carrots or squash, cheese, and other ingredients to family favorite recipes. A helpful addition to baking tools and bar accessories to garnish baked goods and dessert recipes, topping hot chocolate, coffee beverages, frozen drinks, craft cocktails, and more. Compact for easy storage. Easy to use. Simply adjust the blade to desired thickness using the thumbscrew. Shave or slice ingredient directly where needed. Made in Italy from stainless steel. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
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Brand Fante's
Country of Origin Made in Italy

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