Ordering Information

Fante's is a small family retailer, based in Philadelphia since 1906.

We focus on specialty goods for the kitchen, which we sell in our store in Philly's historic Italian Market, and through this web site.

For more information about us, please see our History page.

We ship exclusively to Street and Post Office Box addresses within the 52 states of the USA. For additional info, see About Where We Ship, below.

At this time, we are unable to offer free shipping.


Shipping Charge
Per Destination
Order Total 48 States AK & HI
May not apply on items marked for surcharges Up to $58.99 $9.95 $19.95
  $59.00+ $9.95 $29.95

Mail & Fax Orders

Free shipping does not apply if you order via fax or mail.

Large Orders

We will try to accommodate orders for large quantities, however they may be subject to the actual UPS or USPS shipping charges we would incur based on excess weight and bulk.

Service Charges

For unauthorized changes after your order is shipped, see Service Charges, below.

When will you receive your order?

Within 1-2 weeks, during most of the year, depending on your distance from our Philadelphia warehouse.

Orders with items unexpectedly out of stock shipped in full when they become available.

There may be slight delays during the Christmas season.

Big orders may take longer. Orders for larger quantities than usually purchased for personal use, orders for large and bulky items (especially to Alaska, Hawaii and the West Coast areas), and orders that are shipped directly from the factory (as marked), may take longer, based on availability and carrier logistics. Contact us before you place your order if quick shipping is crucial.

For Priority Handling, please call us for rates:



Not available for the following:

  • Items marked:
    • Transport restrictions: choose Regular Handling.
    • Temporarily unavailable
    • Special Order Item
    • With a longer delivery time, like "Allow 1-2 weeks"
  • Items marked for surcharges;
  • Items that are Out of Stock when your order reaches us;
  • When payment is by Check or Money Order;
  • Mail and Fax orders;
  • Orders to Alaska and Hawaii; and
  • Orders of larger quantities than typically purchased for personal use.

Service Charges

For unauthorized changes after your order is shipped, see Service Charges below.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse any order, based on our Terms of Use and the ordering guidelines on this page.

Order Online

The faster, cheaper, safer and easier way to order is online, using a credit card.

  • We can process your order sooner.
  • You get order and shipping confirmations by email.
  • Lower shipping charges than mail or fax orders.
  • Safe, encrypted transmission of credit card info.
  • You can store and access your preferences and orders.
  • Proceed through checkout faster when making a purchase.
  • Check the status of orders and view past orders.

Phone Orders

We prefer that you order online, if possible. Our small size and limited staff may preclude us from expeditious service if you call us with your order. Please call us if you have urgent inquiries about products and services that cannot be answered via e-mail. Phone orders are not eligible for free shipping. (Customer Service)

Paying by Credit Card

We must be able to verify your billing address with your Credit Card issuer before we ship your order.

U.S. card issuers (and some others) participate in the Address Verification System (AVS), which verifies the billing address and zip code when merchants like us request authorization for a purchase.

A Gift Card issued by the above providers looks just like a credit card, however you must register it with the provider before you use it online, or your purchase request will be declined due to missing address verification (AVS) information, which we and other online retailers require!

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit cards only;
  • Card must be issued by a U.S. financial institution (or one that provides AVS);
  • You must have a U.S. billing address;
  • The billing name and address on your order must match those on your credit card statement.

If your purchase request is denied by your Credit Card issuer as a result of a discrepancy between the billing address you provided to us and the billing address they have on file for your account, your bank places a temporary "hold" for the purchase amount on your available credit. If a charge does not result in a few days, the "hold" disappears and those funds are available again for you to charge against.

  • A "hold" is not a charge.
  • Additional "holds" can result if you ask us to process with the same info again.
  • Prevent this by using the exact address info from your credit card statement.
  • If you recently moved, contact your card issuer to update your account info immediately.

Your credit card number is encrypted and sent through a secure server with your order. (See How We Protect Your Privacy.)

We charge your credit card:

  • When we ship orders from our location, or
  • When we receive orders with items marked as being shipped from the factory, or for pre-approved large quantities that we must order from the factory.

All orders are generally processed and shipped as quickly as possible, and usually within a few days of receipt. You will be advised by e-mail as soon as possible if we are unable to process and ship your order for any reason.

Item requested not in stock

If we don't expect its arrival within a week, we will notify you as soon as possible and let you make the decision to:

  • Ship the item when we receive it, or
  • If some items in your order are available, to ship what we have now or to hold off shipping until your order is complete, or
  • You can ask us to notify you when we receive the item, or
  • You can cancel the order.

Bulky and Special-Order items

Items designated to be shipped from the manufacturer's facilities are usually shipped in 1-2 weeks.

Large quantity

Orders for larger quantities than usually purchased for personal use may be delayed if we do not have the desired quantity in stock. Contact us in advance when timing is important.

Gift Certificate and Store Credit

When using as payment for your order, we will place your order in line for shipping when we receive those documents from you.

Holiday Orders

Mid-November to mid-January, shipping times will take longer due to heavy volume.

Order early to avoid the rush, and to avoid disappointment if the items you desire sell out fast.

(We do our best to keep everything in stock and to indicate when an item is temporarily unavailable, however unanticipated demand can deplete our inventory of certain items before we can mark them as being out of stock.)

Regular Handling orders are shipped UPS Ground or USPS Priority. Large and bulky orders are usually shipped by UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post.

Some products are designated on our pages as shipping directly from manufacturers or distributors, who may use UPS, or FedEx or a private carrier (trucking company).

Gift Cards are available immediately online, or can be e-mailed to your designated recipient.

Your signature may be required upon delivery, at the carrier's discretion. Their criteria is generally based on the value of the product being delivered, and their liability experience in your neighborhood.

Most carriers will give you the option of authorizing them to re-deliver without your signature, however we don't recommend this because it would mean you accept full responsibility without recourse if the package is stolen from your doorstep. Instead, we recommend that you designate, when placing your order, to deliver to your workplace or to a neighbor, or that you pick up the package at the carrier's local facility.

Your order is insured when we ship it. To assure complete coverage (so you can get quick replacement of undelivered orders and products damaged during delivery), we do not relieve the carrier of responsibility until we know that you received your order. Therefore, we do not honor requests for delivery without a signature.

If you ordered online, you will be notified by e-mail when your order is shipped. A Tracking Link will be provided in that email, so you can check on the anticipated delivery date.

(When we ship via UPS, the e-mail will come from UPS Quantum View.)

Note: Some items, especially large ones, are designated to be shipped directly from the manufacturer's facilities, and their tracking information may not be immediately available. There may be a delay between the time you receive the confirmation e-mail and the availability of tracking information . Check the tracking link again in a day or so, to allow the carriers to update their package information database and online tracking services.

If you miss delivery:

  • The carrier will leave a notice informing you of the next delivery attempt, the location where you can pick it up, and if the package requires a signature.
  • The carrier may leave the package without a signature at their discretion, since they are the ones who insure the package.
  • If you miss delivery and you authorize the carrier to leave your order without a signature, you do so at your own risk, since you will then be responsible for the products being delivered and in good condition. We urge you to refrain from doing this.
  • If you authorize the Carrier (UPS or USPS) to deliver to a different address, you will incur a handling charge.
  • If you miss delivery, you can usually arrange to pick up your order at the Post Office or UPS customer center (depending on how your order was shipped).

We are required to collect Sales Taxes on most products that we ship within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, New Jersy and Kansas. This is subject to change as tax law is updated.

Tax exempt organizations must:

  • Indicate your tax-exempt status in the Comments section of the order form;
  • Indicate whether your are mailing or faxing the form;
  • Download the Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate (fill-in form);
  • Mark the form for Unit Exemption (use a separate form for each order);
  • Write your Order Number on the form;
  • Mail or fax the form to us right away;
  • We must receive the completed form within a week for Sales Tax to be deducted.

$16.40 Charge

For delivery address changes after your order is shipped:

  • UPS charges $16.40 for corrections to the delivery after the order is shipped. This includes when the recipient changes/corrects the address after an unsuccessful delivery attempt, when we have to request that they intercept a package in transit to make address changes/corrections, and when a change is requested to the scheduled delivery date.
  • UPS also charges for any additional shipping costs incurred in getting your order to its revised destination.

Re-Shipping Charge

If you give us a delivery address that is incorrect and the order is returned to us, you will not be reimbursed for the original shipping charge, you will be charged for the cost we incur for return shipping, and you will be charged for the cost we incur to re-deliver to the corrected address you give us.

Refusal Charge

If you refuse to accept delivery without prior authorization from us, you will not be reimbursed for the original shipping charge, and you will be charged for the cost we incur for return shipping. (If there was no original charge for shipping, you will be charged for both shipping and return costs.)

Return Label Re-Issue

If you don't retrieve an electronic prepaid return label within the 10 days after we notify you of its availability, or if you lose a prepaid return label, and we have to re-issue it, we will charge you $2 for its re-issuance. The charge is intended to reimburse us for the additional charge we incur from the carrier.

Return to Sender

If the Carrier is not able to deliver due to an incorrect or incomplete address, or because no one is available to receive the package and it is not picked up at the terminal after several delivery attempts (usually 3 by UPS, 2 by USPS), the order will be returned to us. You will be charged any fee we may incur for the return shipping and, if you ask us to re-ship, for the re-shipping charge.

Charge for Unauthorized Service

If you alter any shipping related services provided without prior authorization from us, you will be charged for the difference between what you paid us and what we were charged by the carrier.


Right after you place your online order, review your order and shipping instructions in the confirmation e-mail, then immediately send us corrections.

Service Charges are Not Refundable on Returns - Service Charges reflect our actual additional costs for shipping services that resulted from errors of the person placing the order, or from their authorization of chargeable Carrier services without our approval, so the charges are not refundable, even if any or all of the order is returned.

For information on how to purchase Gift Cards, please see our Gift Cards page.

Fante's Gift Cards can be redeemed at checkout.
To redeem in our Philadelphia store, bring a printed copy with you.

Fante's Gift Card or Certificate or Fante's Store Credit can be redeemed in our Philadelphia store. Reach us by calling (215) 922-5557.

When manufacturer rebates and coupons are available for any item you order, we will include the forms with your shipment.

Items returned without a UPC bar code (which is usually required when submitting a rebate form) may be subject to a charge in the amount of the rebate.

Link directly to our products on your gift registry! See something in the store we don't have available on our site? Give us a call and we will do our best to add that item to our website so it can be available for your guests to purchase.

Sorry, we do not currently provide Gift Wrapping.

When you specify "Gift" on the order form, we'll remove all price labels from the product or its packaging.

Include your Gift Message on the order form, and it will be printed on the Packing Slip that is shipped with your order.

What if you find a cheaper price on the web...

  • If, within 30 days of your purchase, you find the purchase price plus shipping cost (combined total) to be cheaper elsewhere on the web, from a legitimate retailer, and they are not clearance, out-of-stock, damaged, refurbished, or auctioned goods, e-mail us and we'll match their purchase price and shipping cost. We will refund the difference to you.
  • For a fair comparison, add the price of the item to the cost of shipping it by itself.
  • Please provide us with the exact URL (page address) where we can verify a lower price you found, the advertised price of the product, and the shipping charge. And remember to include your Order Number.

Things you may want to know as you shop for the best price...

Not all merchants will treat you well, or fairly. A significant number of web merchants are mere warehouse facilities whose livelihood depends on volume, who don't know anything about the product, who won't accept returns even if your product does not work or you need an exchange, who will charge you a hefty restocking fee when they do accept returns, and a lot more sorry stories that we have heard over the years.

We urge you to review every merchant's policies on returns and privacy before you order; you may save some money on the purchase price, but how much will you have to pay if you need assistance or if something goes wrong?

We encourage you to visit the Better Business Bureau for additional information on vendors and buying online.

We will do our best to make sure all the information on our website is correct. If you notice errors or omissions (which, being only human, we are apt to commit), we appreciate your letting us know, so that we may correct them.

If we make errors that impact your order, our liability is limited to the price you paid to us for our products and services. If your order has not yet been shipped, you will have the option to accept delivery under corrected terms that you and we agree upon, or to cancel the items ordered.

Though we will always do our best to ship products on a timely basis, when we fall short of expectations we'll do our best to rectify the situation in order to make you happy. After all, we only exist because of our satisfied customers.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your order, and you don't feel that the measures we have taken to satisfy you were adequate, please send an e-mail to me, Mari. I will do my best to intercede on your behalf.

We're not perfect, so we promise to do our very best to take great care of you and your order. If we made a mistake or if you are not satisfied with our products or service, first e-mail us and tell us what you would like us to do, or what you expected from us when you placed your order. We promise that a real person will respond within 2 business days.

When an e-mail just won't do, take advantage of our personal contact via our toll-free number (1-800-44-FANTE - Tue-Fri 9-5 Eastern Time).

In short, every product we sell is guaranteed to be new and free of defects in materials and workmanship when it is delivered to you. Any exception (such as the rare minor defect to be expected, marks on hand-made products, etc., and which don't impair the use of the product) is clearly indicated in the product's description.

Many manufacturers have warranties extending beyond the point of delivery, which information is posted on our pages with the product information.

Please review our Terms and Conditions page for details on the warranties offered by us and by manufacturers, to help you protect your investment in products that you purchase from us.

If you would like to return merchandise, for whatever reason, first let us know how you want us to handle it.

Below are important details of how we treat your request. You can rely on our reputation of more than a century in business to treat you and all our customers equally and fairly.

Defective or Damaged Upon Arrival

  • If the product arrived defective or damaged, please save all the packing and contact us by the next business day. This allows us to submit a damage claim with the delivery company on a timely basis, and it will speed up the replacement process.
  • Keep the damaged or defective product and packaging for a month, in case inspection or return is requested. If we notify you to return it, we pay for the return shipping.
  • If, upon delivery, you noticed dents on the carton and refused the package because you inspected the contents in front of the delivery person and found the contents to be damaged, please let us know right away. We'll be able to check the refused package status with the carrier electronically, and may then send you a replacement immediately.

Unwanted Items

  • Unwanted products must be returned within a reasonable period of time for a refund to the original purchaser or for exchange with a different product (standard shipping charges apply).
  • Unwanted products must be in salable condition, with all the original packaging and materials.
  • If we receive the unwanted product in salable condition, you will only be responsible for the original and return shipping charges.

Not What You Expected

  • When returning an unwanted product for exchange with a different product, first place an online order for the replacement, and let us know (in the Comments at checkout) that you are returning a product in exchange. Then email us and indicate your new Order Number.
  • If the price of the replacement, plus shipping, is more than the value of the returned product, the difference is charged to your credit card, or you can send the amount in a check.
  • If you request a refund (or if the difference between your exchange+shipping is less than the returned product price), the refund will be processed to the credit card used for the original purchase.

Gift Recipients

  • When returning an unwanted product for exchange with a different product, please call us to establish your order over the phone.
  • If the price of the replacement, plus shipping, is more than the value of the returned product, the difference is charged to your credit card, or you can send the amount in a check.
  • If you request a refund (or if the difference between your exchange+shipping is less than the returned product price), the refund will be processed to the credit card used for the original purchase.

Product Refund or Replacement

  • Unwanted products that are returned must be in their original condition.
  • If requesting an exchange, regular shipping charges are applicable.
  • Refunds of the purchase price are made to the original purchaser.
  • Products that were not misused or abused may be returned to us within a reasonable amount of time for refund or replacement.

Replace Now or Later

  • To get a replacement immediately, you can authorize us to charge you for the replacement, and then to refund your credit card when we receive the returned product.
  • Otherwise, we'll send you the replacement when we receive the product you wish to return.

Shipping back to Fante's

    • Damaged, defective, and used products require authorization from us before you return them. You can request authorization by contacting us.
    • We recommend that you use UPS to ship items back to us. To view a listing of Drop-Off locations, visit: ups.com/dropoff.
    • Insure your package. You are responsible for making sure the merchandise reaches us in good condition, and for dealing with the Postal Service, FedEx, or other carrier (other than UPS) if your package arrives here damaged.
    • Carriers will not pay for damage claims on merchandise that was inadequately packed, even though insured, so we urge you to repack it well.

Our return address is:
Fante's Shipping Department
Your Order Number
908 Carpenter St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3806

Shipping Charges

  • Shipping charges are not refundable, unless we made a shipping error.
  • We'll pay ground transportation (Regular Handling) to send a similar product to replace a product you received damaged in transit or defective.
  • If you request an exchange for a different item, standard shipping charges apply on the replacement.

Not Refundable and Chargeable

  • If you cancel an order after we shipped it, shipping and return charges are not refundable.
  • If you refuse to accept delivery of your order without authorization from us (unless damaged in transit), and it is returned to us, or if we need to redirect a shipment to a different address after it has been shipped, you will be charged for the additional shipping charges.
  • If you ship back to us via a service other than UPS, and the merchandise arrives in damaged condition, you must file a damage claim with them and collect the value of the damaged merchandise directly from them.
  • Service charges may be applicable under certain cirumstances. See Service Charges on our FAQ page.

Proof of Purchase Missing

  • If reference to the original order is not provided on a request for a refund, or if a sales receipt (or packing slip) is not produced, we will not accept a product for replacement or refund.
  • In certain cases, when we can verify that the item was purchased from us even though a proof of purchase is missing, we will issue a Store Credit in the amount that reflects the lowest price for which the product was available. A Store Credit is redeemable for merchandise in our store or through our web site, and will be honored when used within one year of the issue date.

Proceed to Notify Us

When you finalize an order on our web site, you are taken to our secure Shopping Cart. All personal information that you send and receive is encrypted when you click on an action (like Send or Submit).

Your credit card information is saved only on the credit card processor's secure server and is not accessible by us.

Any personal information that you provide is held in the strictest confidence. We will not share your e-mail address when you contact us, nor any of the personally identifiable information you include in any order or form that you send us.

As responsible citizens, we will work together with legal authorities whenever it may be necessary to comply with laws and court mandates. At such times, we may be required to provide private information that may be stored in our sales and related records.

We will not send you unsolicited e-mails. We will only contact you if necessary, or as a courtesy to provide you with information about your order or about products that you ordered.

For more information on your privacy and rights, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

If you're a frequent shopper and would like to have your information automatically filled in on our Shopping Cart checkout, you can sign up for an account on our site. From your account you can track your orders, see past orders and re-order previous orders.

Our shipping charges are based on the amount of your purchase, as indicated on the rate charts on this page.

On small purchases, shipping charges may seem disproportionate to your cost. These are the most expensive orders for us to process, and the shipping charge is necessary to defray expenses (boxes and packing materials, shipping, insurance, etc.) that may be more than the profit we would otherwise make on the product's selling price.

Business Orders, Please Note: As a small family business, our chosen role as a retailer is to serve household consumers, and our published shipping charges apply to orders for quantities that a consumer would normally order.

We will do our best to accommodate orders for large quantities, however because the larger bulk and packing requirements are often more costly, we reserve the right to increase the shipping charge to reflect actual UPS or USPS shipping rates. Rest assured we will notify you of the alteration in advance, and you can approve the change or cancel your order.

If you research the policies of other retailers, I think you will find our shipping charges and the prices of our products to be reasonable and often less expensive.

We would love to ship everywhere and to everyone. However, as a small company and with limited resources, we feel compelled to restrict our service area, and to only use services that we can confidently support.

Following are answers to some questions we regularly receive.

Why don't you ship everywhere by UPS? The cost is much higher to certain parts of the US than US Postal Service, and prohibitive outside the contiguous U.S. We don't have the resources to quote individually on each order that wants to be the exception. Also, UPS isn't allowed to deliver to Army and Fleet Post Offices (APO and FPO), nor to Post Office Boxes.

Why don't you ship outside the U.S.? Too risky, since credit card companies cannot verify the billing information on the order. And insurance is another problem.

Why won't you use my third-party shipper? Because we can't verify the payer's identity, and ways to get around this are too time consuming and expensive for our small company.

Why don't you ship to APO and FPO addresses? Though Army and Fleet addresses look like they're in the U.S., they are considered international shipments and require customs documentation. Overseas credit card billing addresses, which are not verifiable by their issuing banks, pose further risks for us.

Why can't I Prepay for Pickup by a Third Party? Too risky, unable to verify identity of payer.

Our apologies to all the wonderful people who want us to ship to other destinations. We understand how difficult it may be for you to obtain some of the products that we carry, however we hope you'll understand the limitations posed by our small family business.

We often receive inquiries for sources of our products and for wholesale discounts.

Product Sources: In the interest of maintaining any competitive advantage we may have in product selection, we do not provide contact information of manufacturers or distributors that are not identified in our product descriptions.

Wholesale Discounts: As a retailer, we sell primarily to consumers at the prices listed on our website. We do not stock merchandise in quantities that would be required for wholesale needs, and we thus do not provide Wholesale Discounts.

We don't publish a print catalog at this time.

The high costs of printing and mailing, as well as the constant fluctuations in availability and prices from our wide variety of sources, prevent us from printing a catalog at this time.

This website makes it possible for us to provide up-to-date information on products that we sell. You can order online for quick shipping and the availability of tracking tools.

We recycle as much as possible.

When you receive your package, it may arrive in a recycled box. Our re-use of cartons that we receive from our suppliers helps all of us by saving some of our most valuable environmental resources. And it helps us by keeping our costs down on not having to purchase as many new boxes and to environmentally dispose the old boxes.

If you have a packaging preference, such as no styrofoam peanuts, jot that in the Comments section of the shopping cart or order form. Depending on the box contents, we may use a combination of styrofoam peanuts, corrugated paper, and cardboard.

We believe in the utility and promise of the web, but we value human interactions even more and want to ensure that they are always an integral part of our family business that was founded over a hundred years ago.

The intention of our family and staff is to always do our very best to personally treat you individually, fairly, and respectfully.

That is what you should expect every time you contact us and with every order you send us.

family and staff

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