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FMM Upper Case Alphabet and Numbers Tappit Cutters Set

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An easy way to produce gum paste names and words.

Cutters are designed to create fine, elegant letters and numbers. Your fondant or gumpaste must be rolled very thin.
1. Roll the gum paste very fine. Make sure the paste doesn't stick to the work surface and that it moves freely.
2. Roll out a strip of paste and turn it so that it is vertical. Choose the required letter and cut horizontally across the paste.
3. To obtain the best cut, press firmly onto the back of the chosen letter, slide the cutter backwards and forwards, and gently rock the cutter to release.
4. If the letter remains in the cutter, it can be removed by holding one end of the cutter and tapping the other end firmly on the work surface. You can also use a scribing tool or exacto knife to gently ease the paste out.
5. The cut pieces can be attached immediately to a cake or decoration by securing with Gum Glue.
6. If the letters are allowed to dry, they can be used free-standing or attached as a prepared decoration with a little Royal Icing, softened Sugar Paste or Cream Icing.

Letters are approximately 1.5cm / 0.6" tall.
Model 43-C270
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Country of Origin Made in United Kingdom

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