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Fusionbrands SpinOut Splatter Screen

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Collapsible splatter screen

Introducing SpinOut™ Screen, an ingenious splatter screen that not only helps contain grease splatter while cooking, but collapses for easy storage in a drawer.

The screen does its job of protecting cooking surfaces, countertops and clothes from hot oil splatter and also offers the added benefit of its space-saving design. It spins open to 13 inches in diameter and closes to 7 inches.

Unlike typical splatter screens where you need to lift the entire piece, the SpinOut Screen allows you to open a portion at a time so you can check, stir, or flip your food.

Some stuff you should know:
-Simply spin out to a full size splatter screen
-Opens to full 13 inches/33 cm in diameter
-Collapses to 7 inches/18 cm to store in a drawer
-Space-saving design
-Helps contain grease splatter while cooking
-Protects cooking surfaces, countertops and clothes from splatter
-Works great with immersion hand blenders
-Stay-cool silicone knob
-Made of high-heat Nylon
-Dishwasher safe
-FDA food-safe, BPA free
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Brand Fusionbrands
Country of Origin Made in China

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