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Mincing garlic has never been so easy!Use the Garlic Twister to smash the garlic clove and remove the skin. Place the cloves inside the Garlic Twist and turn in a single direction. Control the mincing for coarse to fine textures, and use all of the cloves without any waste. Not just for garlic - try ginger, olive, chili pepper, onion, herbs, nuts and more! Safe and simple to rinse clean. Dishwasher safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other ingredients can be minced by the Garlic Twister?
The Garlic Twister can be used to mince ginger, olive, chili pepper, shallot, certain herbs and nuts etc. Feel free to try it with any ingredient - we have yet to learn of an instance where the Garlic Twister is damaged.

Are the mincing teeth sharp?
Sharp enough to mince, but not sharp enough to cause harm

I can't quite gather the mincing garlic into the two neat triangles shown in the instruction.
Normally, when you mince the garlic, you are pushing the garlic through the rows of teeth. To form the two triangles, instead of pushing your ingredients through the teeth, twist one direction until you form two triangles. Then, twist the opposite direction to compact your ingredients and gather the garlic off the teeth. Finally, turn again to push the ingredients to the middle.

Is the Garlic Twister dishwasher safe?
Yes, the Garlic Twister is dishwasher safe - just put it upside down on the top rack. Most users find it more convenient to just rinse clean under the faucet and let air-dry.

Model GT4-C
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