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Get Crackin' Heavy Duty Steel Lever Nutcracker

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This is a durable lever-action nutcracker that will open all kinds and sizes of nuts. Its long lever makes it more effective than other nutcrackers in cracking all kinds of nuts, with a lot less effort.

How to Use the Get Crackin nutcracker:Place nut on the ridged area as close to the hinge as possible, then pull down on the lever to crack the nut.

How to Care for the Get Crakin nutcracker: Wipe with a dry towel only; do not immerse in water. Store in a dry location. Occasionally put a drop of mineral oil on hinges to keep them working well. If a spot of rust develops, sand it off, then lightly coat the metal with mineral oil. It sports a one-year warranty, however, with minimal care we think this nutcracker will last for generations.

Features: Fits nuts from about 0.5-2.25 in. Use on table or counter, or mount as desired. Vinyl coverings included for steel feet. Welded constructed with 1/8 in. and 3/16 in. thick steel. 11 in. long, 4 in. wide at feet, 12.75 in. high with lever upright, 5 in. high with lever down.
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Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Country of Origin Made in USA

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