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  1. Leah & Michele Leah & Michele

    Registrant: Leah West

    Co-Registrant: Michele Boudway

    Event Date: 2/9/19

  2. Lauren and Emily Lauren and Emily

    Registrant: Emily Silver

    Co-Registrant: Lauren Mariani

    Event Date: 3/2/19

    Location: Phila, PA

  3. Birkner/Hull Birkner/Hull

    Registrant: Madeline Birkner

    Co-Registrant: Preston Hull

    Event Date: 6/10/18

    Thank you for visiting our registry!
  4. ion negru ion negru

    Registrant: Oleksandr Makarov

    Event Date: 2/21/19

  5. Nicole Policarpo and Michael Bennett Nicole Policarpo and Michael Bennett

    Registrant: Nicole Policarpo

    Co-Registrant: Michael Bennett

    Event Date: 11/30/19

  6. Michael & Tai's Wedding Registry Michael & Tai's Wedding Registry

    Registrant: Tai Verley

    Event Date: 6/22/19

    Location: Bryn Gweled Homesteads - Southampton, PA

    We are so happy that you are thinking of getting us something!

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