Di Leo Torchietto Solid Brass Pasta Extruder

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This compact torchietto is a beautiful and sturdy pasta extruder, with shaping dies for making bigoli, passatelli, and maccheroni rigati, and it is easy to use. The cylinder fits in your hand, and turning the handle extrudes the dough through the die, making many strands of pasta at once. You can make long continuous strands, or cut them to the desired length.

15.5 cm / 6.1" long barrel
53 mm / 2.1" diameter
Made of solid brass with steel screw and teflon pusher

Includes 3 brass dies:
3 mm / 3/32" spaghetti
5 mm / 3/16" passatelli
7 mm / 1/4" maccheroni bucati


  • Turn the handle until the pusher reaches the top of the tube.
  • Remove the die by unscrewing it, and fill the tube with dough, then screw the die on the tube.
  • While holding the tube, turn the handle to bring the teflon pusher in contact with the dough and to press it through the die.
  • After use, unscrew and separate the die and handle assembly from the tube.
  • Soak the die in water for a couple hours to loosen any dried dough.
  • It is also recommended to soak the die in water for about 10 minutes before use, to make it easier for the dough to go through.
  • Use a sponge or long brush to thoroughly wash the tube.
  • Clean the teflon pusher with a dry cloth.
  • The long screw and handle assembly should not be washed. If you need to wash them, thoroughly dry all parts, and lightly oil the screw using mineral oil.
  • Store in a dry location.

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