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King Sharpening Stone Fixer

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A stone fixer is essential for flattening the surface of a sharpening stone. After frequent use of synthetic and ceramic sharpening stones, knives will begin to them wear down and create a concave surface. Prolonged use of a concaved stone will begin to warp and change the shape of a knife blade.

The stone fixers with ridges flattens stones faster, while the flat backside of the stone polishes the sharpening stones.

6 x 2 x 1"
Model HA-1075

1. Soak the stone fixer for 10 minutes and the medium/fine stone in water for the appropriate amount of time.
2. Use the stone fixer on the stone's edges first to take off the corners/edges of the stone to avoid accidentally chipping knives.
3. Start to sand off the top of the stone with a back-and-forth motion.
4. Remove enough material to flatten the surface of the stone.
If the stone fixer is used regularly after sharpening, it will take a shorter time to level the stone each time.
Video How to Use a Stone Fixer
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Brand King
Country of Origin Made in Japan

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