Golden Goose Egg Scrambler

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Golden eggs are special. They are treats of color and flavor.
The Golden Goose™ is a low-tech, hand-powered tool that uses centrifugal force to scramble an egg inside its shell.
Use Golden Eggs for a splash of color or simply to amaze and delight.
Remove the dishwasher-safe inserts and wash them after each and every use.
Model MCG0053
User Manual and Recipe Cookbook

1. Place an egg in the cradle, and orient it according to the egg shape.
2. Align∗ the halves using the built-in keyed features on either side of the egg cradle inserts. (∗Don't turn the shell!)
3. Slide the ring in place, and turn clockwise until it locks. Locking and Unlocking is like opening a pill bottle.
4. Firmly grasp the handles and give it a subtle swing to encourage the cords to twist evenly on either side.
5. Start slowly as you pull outwardly on the handles to begin the cradle rotations, which should alternate back and forth with each pull.
6. Get a little more agressive with the pulls and Goose the egg until it's gold! 8-12 good spins should do the trick.
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Country of Origin Made in China

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