Kokubo Cooked-Oil Hardener

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Commonly used in the foodservice industry, it is called a Waste Oil Disposal Agent, or Waste Oil Hardener.
It turns cooked oil into a jello-like substance that is easy to handle and dispose.
One package of oil hardener solidifies 20 fl oz / 600 ml of cooked oil.

0.7 oz / 20 g net weight
Model 1629

1. After cooking, turn off heat and add Oil Hardener while the oil is hot (above approx. 175°F / 80°C).
2. Stir until Oil Hardener completely dissolves.
3. After completely dissolved, let it sit until firm like jello (below 104°F / 40°C).
4. Peel off the firm oil from the pan using a spatula, and discard as a burnable garbage. Keep away from open flame and do not re-use or consume.
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Country of Origin Made in Japan

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