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Kokubo Fat Skimming Sheets

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This fat skimming sheet absorbs excess grease that floats to the top of your broth as it's cooking.

Includes 10 single-use sheets.
8.8" / 22 cm round
Can easily be cut to fit smaller pots
Made of polypropylene and polyethylene
Heat resistant to 235°F / 115° C
Model 2222

• The fat skimming sheet is made of plastic, so it must fit (or be cut to fit) inside your pot.
• Place a sheet over your broth mixture before turning on the heat.
• The sheet will absorb excess oil or deposits from your stock.
• Remove the sheet with chopsticks or tongs. Be careful, as it will be hot. Dispose properly.

Use only one sheet per pot
  • Avoid excess sheet sticking outside your pot, as the sheet can melt
  • Avoid use if the water/soup is at low levels in your pot, as the sheet may burn
  • Do not put the sheet at bottom of pot
  • Do not use in pressure cooker, for frying, in an oven, or for grilling
  • Not to be used as an oil filter
  • Do not use for other purposes
  • Keep away from fire and heat
  • Sheets are not reusable
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    Country of Origin Made in Japan

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