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Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Safety LidLifter Can Opener Red

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The revolutionary LidLifter® design, combined with the Kuhn Rikon ergonomic ratchet mechanism, make opening cans and pop tabs clean, safe, and easy.

Ratchet handle is easy on hands
Leaves no sharp edges
Mini-pliers lift lids cleanly and easily
Includes hook to open pop tabs
6-1/2" long
Wipe with a damp towel
Model 20012

1. Swing lever to the left and place LidLifter on top of can. Wwing lever back to center so LidLifter grips can.
2. Move ratchet handle back and forth and the opener will begin to cut. After a full circle, you will feel less resistance. Stop - can is open.
3. Open the handles to release.
4. Use mini-pliers to lift lid cleanly and easily.
5. Pop tabs: slide end under loop of can tab, hold can firmly and lift up and forward.
Warning: Don't cut more than full circle. Overcutting may create burrs or slivers that could cause injury.
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Brand Kuhn Rikon

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