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Lekue Nut and Grain Milk Maker

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Prepare your own natural dairy free milk with all the original flavor and nutrients in the easiest, fastest way possible. Excellent results and no mess!

Comprised of two 1-liter containers which are stackable for easy storage. The internal container, with measurements marked and an ergonomic filter, allows you to soak, shred (with a standard hand blender - not included) and filter nuts, seeds or grain to prepare drinks. The dairy free milk can be stored in the external container in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days.

Wide variety of recipes: make milks with nuts, seeds or grains. For best results when making almond milk we recommend using peeled almonds.

Hand wash. All plastics and silicon used in the manufacture of Lekue products are very easy to clean. This can be done by hand with a neutral soap, without using abrasives.
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Brand Lekue

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