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Lekue Perforated Pizza Pan 14 in Brown

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Microperforated base for a cristy crust. Can be used directly on oven rack or cookie sheet.

14 in Diameter x 0.6 in High

Microwave, oven, freezer and Dishwasher Safe.

Made of Platinum Silicone can withstand temperatures of -79°F to 428°F.

Silicone is an odourless, colourless polymer composed mainly of silicon, which is found naturally in sand, quartzand rocks. It is flexible, resistant and withstands high temperatures. Platinum silicone is a type of silicone that uses only platinum (a precious metal) as a catalyser, which increases its quality, apart from silicone's other properties. This is the ideal material for manufacturing moulds or products that will come into contact with food. The safetyand quality of each one of its components also makes platinum silicone the ideal material for baby bottle nipples or surgery materials for hospitals.
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Brand Lekue
Country of Origin Made in China

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