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Manti Maker

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You can use the Manti (Turkish Dumplings) Maker for shish barak, ravioli, tarts, cheese puff balls, wonton, dumplings, empanada, choux panzerotti, empanadillas, pelmeni, stromboli, pierogi, samosa, piroshki, bocconotti, pelmeni, and more.

Flour the mold and lay a sheet of dough on it.
Form pockets by pressing down with your fingers, then add the filling.
Cover with another sheet of dough, and use a rolling pin to seal and cut.
Turn over to remove the pastries.

10.8 in. across, 0.7 in. high.
37 hexagons 1.7 x 1.4 in. 1.2 in. diameter top openings, 0.9 in. bottoms.
3 mm space between openings and top of hexagons for sealing the dough.

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