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Mini Panettone Mold 3 oz., Pack of 12 (Case of 12)

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3 oz capacity (6 oz to rim). 2.75 in. diameter, 2 in. deep. Bake and serve right in the molds. Oven and microwave safe, heat resistant up to 390°F. Printed with food-safe inks that are heat- and alcohol-resistant. Pinhole base perforations prevent surface sweating from excess humidity. Kosher Certified by KOF-K. SIDES: High density, pure cellulose, glossy paper. Paper weight: 95 g/m. Rotogravure printing, using alcohol- and heat-resistant inks. Sweat-preventing pinhole perforations. Heat-proof glue-seal.Unprinted glue-seal for perfect adhesion. BOTTOM: Pure cellulose, glossy, micro-fluted corrugated paper. Paper weight: 125 g/m. Sweat-preventing pinhole perforations. The bottom of these oven-safe moulds are composed of two bonded layers: one smooth and the other corrugated. Together, they form a series of air chambers that promote more even baking with less hot spots, and provide firmness and stability to the mold.
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Country of Origin Made in Italy

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