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Mockmill Stone Milling Attachment for Stand Mixers

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Mockmill converts your KitchenAid or Kenmore stand mixer within seconds into a full-fledged stone mill. It readily grinds grains, legumes, dry spices... from a very coarse grade to a fineness fit for the most demanding professional bakers. It only takes seconds to install or remove, takes very little space and looks great mounted on your mixer. Mockmill is simple to operate and can safely be used by supervised children. Now you can take greater control of what goes into the foods you and your family eat, give your baking a taste bonanza, and explore new ways to enjoy truly real-food nutrition. Begin by supplementing part of the flour in your favorite recipes with whole-grain flour you make yourself. You'll see that working with fresh, whole-grain flour only makes baking easier! If you're on a gluten-free or low-carb diet, you can make foods that take those preferences into account while you benefit from the basic ingredients' nutritive freshness.

-Specifically designed to fit and work with all models of KitchenAid and Kenmore stand mixers
-Grinds 60g (2oz)/min; handles all grains, dried legumes and dry spices.
-Low-speed genuine corundum-ceramic milling stone; gentle transformation of grains to flour
-Quiet, no-mess process delivers flour directly into mixer bowl. Self-cleaning; tool-free disassembly
-Fine German engineering, solid metal construction and a tradition of lifetime durability

By freshly milling your own flour, you'll get all of its nutritious whole-kernel goodness and natural flavor. And you'll be able to enjoy fuller, nuttier, sweeter, more complex taste experiences. With Mockmill, it's simple, easy, and affordable! Mockmill was created to open up the opportunity for virtually everyone to enjoy the benefits of freshly milled grains, spices, and dried legumes. Our innovative stand mixer attachment simply fits and works easily, giving you professional quality results, so that once you own one, it will soon become one of your favorite accessories.

Many top chefs, bakers, and health experts agree that buying a grain mill for use at home offers up a whole new world of flavor and good health. Cereal grains, legumes and dried spices come in natural "packages" that lock in flavor and nutrients until they're ready to be used. A home grain mill opens nature's packages at the very last minute, ensuring that all the flavor and wonderful nutrients of these real foods burst forth just when they're needed - including those in the "wrapping" or outer layers. Stone milling is the best way to transform whole grains to flour, and Mockmill for stand mixers is the handiest, most affordable, and gentlest means of stone milling available to America's families. It very neatly and conveniently provides finer, fluffier flours than any other milling attachment. It turns slowly so that heat generation is kept to a minimum. Grain can be ground very fine for bread and pastry baking, or coarsely to make hot (or cold!) cereals. Or even to mash for brewing beer!

6.25 in. long, 5.125 in. wide, 9.85 in. tall. 2.64 lbs.
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Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Brand Mockmill
Country of Origin Made in Slovenia

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