Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator Fruit Roll Sheet LSS-2-6 2Pk

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Exclusive no-spill lip allows you to dry liquids and semi-liquids
Dry up to 3 cups of pureed fruit on each sheet
Made of high quality food grade plastic, reusable and easy to clean

Fruit Roll Sheets® fit the following Nesco American Harvest models:
FD-28JX, FE-37, FD-39, FD-60, FD-61, FD-75PR, FD-77DT

Model LSS-2-6

To make 2 fruit rolls:
• Wash 2 pints of strawberries (or your favorite fruit).
• Cut away any bruises, spoiled portions, and stems.
• Puree in blender; you may want to add a little juice or water to start the blending.
• Add 2 cups applesauce to fruit puree and blend until very smooth.• Pour fruit puree onto fruit roll sheets which have been lightly sprayed with no-stick spray to prevent sticking.
• Smooth evenly with a spoon; puree should be about 1/4" to 3/8" thick and evenly spread.
• Dry at 130-140°F until fruit feels leather-like and is pliable.
• There should be no sticky spots on the top or underneath.
• Remove the fruit roll while it is still warm.
• Roll and cut into small pieces.
• Wrap in plastic and store in airtight, moisture-proof containers.
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Brand Nesco
Country of Origin Made in USA

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