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Nesco American Harvest Jumbo Jerky Kit

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Includes jerky gun, 3 tip attachments, and 5 packets of original flavor seasoning and cure mix.
This large jerky gun has a stainless steel trigger and ratchet bar, and holds 1 lb of ground meat.
3 attachments for making jerky strips, sticks, or double strips.
Instructions included.
Model BJX-5

How to make jerky:
• Mix 1 lb ground meat with one packet each of seasoning and cure.
• Open jerky gun by holding silver tab down and pulling red knob all the way out.
• Unscrew red ring from end of clear tube and fill tube with meat mixture.
• Place desired tip into red ring and screw tightly back onto tube.
• Press red knob until it pushes against meat, then hold jerky gun over dehydrator tray and squeeze trigger repeatedly to release mixture onto tray until desired length is reached, then repeat.
• Dry jerky using any Nesco American Harvest or Open Country dehydrator at its highest temperature setting for one hour, then turn each piece over, remove any surface oil, and continue to dry until leathery, about 4 to 12 hours depending on your mixture.
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Brand Nesco

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