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Pizza Ball Base Roller

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The 'round rolling pin,' PiZZa Ball works using the simple and gentle circular movement of the hand. The PiZZa Ball is a strikingly beautiful stainless steel sphere that works just like a rolling pin. You simply place it on your dough and roll it around in a circular motion with the palm of your hand, adjusting pressure accordingly. It will leave you with a perfect circular base, at the thickness you require.

You can use the PiZZa Ball with the dough already on the pan or oven stone. And it's also suitable for pastry and other doughs. It comes with a stylish storage base.

The PiZZa Ball dough roller was invented by Dan Bailey-Taylor, a young United Kingdom UK entrepreneur, and we are proud to introduce it you in the USA.

80 mm (3.2 in.) diameter orb. Made of sturdy and lightweight 201 grade stainless steel. Weighs 95 g (0.2 lbs). Includes silicone rubber base ring for storage. We directly import from the inventor in the UK.

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Country of Origin Made in China

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