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Roast Easy Stainless Steel Chainmail Baking Cover

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Similar to a small square chainmail cover, the Roast Easy is designed to cover meat, fish and vegetables for a softer and more crispy baking. Fluid, the chainmail easily covers foods and has many benefits.

Roast Easy: A patented solution reducing shrinkage and retaining internal moisture during cooking while being sufficiently ventilated for perfect browning and crisping.

Roast Easy makes basting simple: no need to peel back tin foil, simply baste directly on top of the Roast Easy - the juices trickle down the chainmail. The Roast Easy also retains heat, and allows you to rest your roast after cooking without losing its heat.

Made from food safe stainless steel (Standards AF A36-711), it is easy to clean, by hand or in the top rack of your dishwasher.
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Brand Novac

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