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Rose's All-American Pie Kit

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Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series

Rose's™ All-American Pie Kit

Everything you need to bake a pie! And all of it Made in the USA.


-Rose's Magic Rolling Pin: Non-stick surface with SynGlas™, dishwasher safe, lightweight, and with removable end caps to store Fast Tracks™. 2 x 18"

-Rose's Magic Fast Tracks™ (Dough Thickness Rails: Ensures exact dough thickness, dishwasher safe, 18" long. Store neatly inside the rolling pin.
2 each @ 3/32" thick for pies
2 each @ 1/16" thick for tarts and galettes
2 each @ 1/8" thick for cookies

Rose's Magic Dough Mat: Non-stick surface, non-slip base, Rose's crust recipe and baking tips printed on the mat. Easy to clean. 18 x 24.5".

The American Pie

The pie as we know it it is a uniquely American invention - having made its debut during the Revolutionary War. Though a classic, it has come a long way since and Rose Levy Beranbaum has been one of its more prominent innovators.

In a conversation with Rose, you will encounter no shortage of bold statements about baking. An accomplished author of 10 cookbooks, her career was launched by her book, The Cake Bible, in which she wrote: "I've changed the way in which cakes are mixed: to mix it easier, faster and better. There's no downside." What Rose doesn't immediately reveal is that these bold claims are backed by several decades of experience, tinkering and delicious results.

Her attention to detail and encompasses everything from the effects of hard water on her cornstarch to remove split infinitives from the text in her cookbooks. This exacting focus, when combined with a seemingly endless energy to pursue culinary problems with a scientific approach, can lead her to make and remake a cake over 40 times before declaring a recipe finished. That commitment to details has separated her recipes from the pack, earning her a laundry-list of accolades including a NASFT Showcase Award, 2 Cookbook of the Year awards from the International Association of Culinary Professionals and, most notably, 3 James Beard awards.

It is not well known that Rose was born in the kitchen of St. Joseph Hospital, Queens, NY, which makes her position as one of the world's most prominent bakers seem almost preordained, but it didn't always seem that way.

Growing up, Rose was not a lover of food. Her mother, a dentist, wouldn't even allow any sweets in the house. So when Rose was able to have cake, she found them too sweet for her taste. It wasn't until she found herself attending a required culinary course in her freshman year of college that Rose discovered her love of food. The class took place around 5:00PM, right when her craving for dinner kicked in. Being hungry and surrounded by food pushed Rose to try foods she wouldn't normally have tried. It was there that she had her first cake made from scratch, and that's when she discovered her passion for food. Soon after, she began her work on The Cake Bible.

Twenty-seven years after Rose made cake baking easier, she wants to demystify another classic baked food: the American pie. Rose has developed techniques and tools for baking a pie better, quicker and easier. Using this kit along with her all-new pie recipe book, you will be making truly delicious pies effortlessly.
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Country of Origin Made in USA

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