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Soiree Tilt Twin Gourmet Replacement for Ice

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The Soiree Tilt™ Gourmet Replacement for Ice includes 2 gel-filled, stainless steel chilling spheres, 2 silicone bases, and 2 hooks / garnishing sticks.
Tilt adds a gourmet chill to dips, cold dishes, salads, drinks, soups and more, resulting in undiluted flavor.
Tilt preserves the full flavor and texture of chilled spirits, wine, beer, juice, tea, or coffee.
Tilt will not over-chill, so you get pure flavor and consistent temperature, longer.
Tilt comes with 2 stainless steel retrieval hooks, which are cleverly disguised as garnishing sticks. Retrieving tilt from your glass is clean and easy.

100% stainless steel (316C Grade)
Medical grade non-toxic freezing gel inside
2" diameter balls
2.7" diameter base
5.5" long hooks
Model soho-1014

Easy to use:
1. Hand-wash with warm water and soap every time before using
2. Freeze Tilt for 4-6 hours
3. Pick up Tilt with the hook
4. Place tilt carefully in vessel with food or drink
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Wines service temperatures: white 45-56°F, red 57-65°F
Spirits service temperatures: white 32-49°F, brown 50-62°F
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Country of Origin Made in China

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