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Spanish Terracotta Casserole, 8.4 in.

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A covered Dutch-Oven style pan with matching lid perfect for slow-cooked stews and for oven-braised meals.

Natural terracotta, fired at very high temperatures, glazed except for the underside. Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Season before use; instructions included.

2 qt capacity
8 in. across
3 in. deep
4 in. high overall
Model CP050

Preparing your terracotta cookware:
• Before first use, soak in unheated tap water for at least 6 hours to seal the clay's natural pores.
• After this initial seasoning, it is stovetop safe on low-to-medium heat with liquid inside.
• Always use a heat diffuser on electric stoves.
• To fully season, simply use many times.
• After many uses your terracotta cookware will tolerate even higher temperatures, as well as under broiler and on grill.

Important tips:
• Always add liquids before placing your terracotta over heat.
• Never subject it to temperature extremes (eg: never add cold water, oil, or anything to a hot pan that will cause sudden temperature change).
• We recommend washing by hand and store in a well ventilated location.
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Country of Origin Made in Spain

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