Spanish Terracotta Cazuela 11-Inch

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Used for thousands upon thousands of years, Spaniards have been cooking in clay cazuelas since before they were even considered Spaniards! Terra-cotta clay is such a versatile natural material, that this cookware can be used on the stove, in the oven, and even on the BBQ.

The natural properties of the clay make it a great heat conductor for superior cooking, and the rustic styling make it easy to go from kitchen to table.

When cooking in clay, we suggest avoiding rapid temperature changes to ensure that your cookware will last a lifetime.

Honey (natural) glaze
Lead free and food safe
For oven, stovetop, BBQ, and microwave use
Dishwasher safe

10-12 cup capacity
11" outside diameter, 9.9" inside diameter, 2.5" deep
Model CP047 28 cm

Caring for your terracotta cazuela:
Before your first use of a Cazuela, soak in cold (unheated) water for at least 6 hours.
After this initial seasoning, it is stovetop safe on low-to-medium heat with liquid inside.
Always use a heat diffuser on electric stoves.
To fully season the cazuela, simply use many times.
After many uses the cazuela will tolerate even higher temperatures, as well as under broiler and on grill.
Never subject the cazuela to temperature extremes (eg: never add cold water, oil, or anything to a hot cazuela that will cause sudden temperature change.) or drop the cazuela.
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Country of Origin Made in Spain

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