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Stainless Steel Dripolator, 10 Cup

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11 in. high, 6.25 in. diameter
Serving (bottom) pot is 5.7 in. high
Coffee filter (top) strainer is 4 in. diameter
Includes handled coffee filter lid
18/10 stainless steel
Heat resistant plastic handles and knob

Good to the Last Drip

Make coffee the old-fashioned way with our 10-Cup Stainless Steel Dripolator. Patented in the 1920's, dripolators were originally produced with a porcelain bottom serving pot. Sometime in the 20th century production of these pots ended, but they live on in bric--brac collections.

To brew, you'll first want to put up a kettle of water to heat. While the water is heating, prepare your coffee pot: place a coffee filter into the perforated basket, fill it with freshly ground coffee, about 1 scoop per cup of water, and cover with the filter lid.

Place the top half of the coffeemaker on top of the serving pot, then when the water is nice and hot, but not quite boiling, as you don't want to scald the grounds, pour it over the freshly ground coffee in the basket. Cover the top with the lid, and wait for the caffeinated (or decaf, your choice) elixir to finish brewing.

When the filtering is complete, remove the filter top to the sink, and put the lid on the bottom serving pot. Being careful to hold the lid on while pouring, serve the brewed coffee in your favorite mugs, and enjoy with a friend!
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Country of Origin Made in China

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