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The Nimble Cook by Ronna Welsh

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The Nimble Cook has the know-how to walk into a kitchen--any kitchen--no matter her skills or experience, what ingredients she has (or doesn't), and comfortably, confidently start making great food. She is able to rethink what it means to make a meal, giving her new options for what and how to eat.

The 400 recipes and radical, yet intuitive strategies in The Nimble Cook will change the way you cook, immediately and for years to come.

Ronna Welsh spent over twenty years in the culinary industry as executive chef, pastry chef, and consulting chef in a host of quirky, beloved New York City restaurants, and also abroad, in France, Spain, Greece, and Sicily, in restaurants and pastry shops, on farms, and in private homes.

Putting in intense hours at work, she was left with little time and energy for cooking at home, and most of her efforts-a cassoulet, a terrine-were to feed a crowd, never just her tiny household of two. As a result, when her kids were born, she was ill-prepared to improvise even the quickest meal at home. Her professional skills were no match for the ceaseless, changing demands of caring for little kids.

In the end, she was able to re-imagine restaurant strategies for the home, to align with the whims and mishaps of daily life. Out of this came a more "nimble" approach to home cooking, which put ingredients before recipes and prioritized personal life over strict meal plans. This approach became the core of her business, and then the premise of "The Nimble Cook."

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